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Putting Together Our FAQ Page

It hasn't taken long for customers to reach out with questions about anything from reservations to special requests. We knew that the next step for us to help customers would be to put together a Frequently Asked Questions page.

We looked around at a few FAQ pages by companies who offer great customer support and decided to follow their formatting. Two companies stood out, mainly for the ease of getting answers to questions.

Simple, an online bank offered the cleanest FAQ page. Their answers to questions were visible and short. There is no link that navigates you to another page which saves their users time.

Mint, is a budgeting web app. They make managing your personal finances a cinch.
We liked the organisation of their FAQ page but it wasn't responsive. The answers to their questions were not visible. However, it wasnt too bad as just clicking on the question will make the answer will drop down easily.

The importance of Responsive Design for our FAQ page

Users experiencing a problem on Eat will be on the app and will look for an answer on the app, therefore, we need to make our questions available... on the app. We decided to create an FAQ page on our Eat website and offer a button on the app that directs users to the FAQ page on the website.

So the FAQ page needs to be responsive and very user friendly as all users visiting the page will be visiting through their mobile phones. Because of this we decided to follow the formating of Simple's FAQ page more than Mint. Mint's design is not responsive but is very organised. We decided even with the organisation, it's more important for the user to have a better mobile experience than having things organised but not responsive, leaving the customer to zoom in and out and experience difficulties in navigating through the page.
Simple's design is easy, responsive, and all their answers are visible. We knew this was the way to go since we will be redirecting users from our app.

It also helps that this is our first version of our FAQ page. We only have about 10 questions so listing all the questions with answers visible is not too difficult for users to navigate through. Once they start to grow to up to 30 and more we will need to re-visit our FAQ page.

Check out our FAQs below


How do I make a reservation?
Pick a restaurant of your liking. To create a reservation click on number of people, date, and time on the Restaurant’s profile. Adjust the details to your liking. Click anywhere else on the screen and click reserve. Once you click reserve, choose your desired time and click reserve again. Put in a special request and click confirm.

Is the reservation confirmed with the restaurant?
Yes, it is. The available times you see on Eat are all confirmed with Eat’s restaurant reservation manager installed at the restaurant itself. The availabilities are only shown based on table openings, we only show available and confirmed tables ready for your reservation.

How do I edit a reservation?
To edit a reservation, go to your sidebar and click on your upcoming reservation under the Reservations bar. Click the Edit Reservation button in grey and adjust your preferences.

How do I cancel a reservation?
To cancel a reservation go to your sidebar and click on your upcoming reservation under the Reservations bar. Click the Edit Reservation button in grey and adjust your preferences.

What if I’m late to a reservation?
If your late to a reservation, you can let the restaurant know by editting your reservation. To edit a reservation, go to your sidebar and click on your upcoming reservation under the Reservations bar. Click the Edit Reservation button in grey and adjust your preferences.

How can I share a reservation with friends?
After you’ve created a reservation, on your confirmation page, click on Whats App your friends in the bottom. This will automate a message with all your reservation details for you to send.

How many people am I allowed to make a reservation for?
You are allowed to make a reservation for 10 people or less depending on the restaurant. Some restaurants allow a maximum of 6.

What if I want to make a reservation for more than 10?
If you want to make a reservation for more than 10, you can give the restaurant a call.

Special Requests

How do I inform the restaurant about my allergies?
In the special request, clearly let the restaurant know about any allergies you or your party has.

How do I inform the restaurant about any special requests?
In the special request box you can let the restaurant know about any seating preferences or occasions you are celebrating.


Where do I find the restaurant menu?
The restaurant menu is located in the restaurant’s profile page under the location button.

How do I get directions to a restaurant?
You can view the location of a restaurant while on a restaurant’s profile page by simply clicking on the address. To get directions to a restaurant that you’ve placed a reservation at, simply click on the reservation under the Reservation tab in the sidebar. Click on the address to view the location on your map.

Can I filter through restaurants?
Not yet, but we do have all the information for you to find out the restaurant details yourself. For example, checking the price range and cuisine right on the search page.

My Profile

Who sees my information?
Restaurants are able to see your name and phone number when making a reservation. They do not have access to your email or profile photo.

Zain Al Khalifa

Zain Al Khalifa

Zain takes care of customer service and retention at eat. She spends her days looking after both eat's restaurant and user communities, tracking down bugs and ensuring eat is a happy place.

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