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Face Time With Our Customers

At Eat we noticed when working with the restaurants that face time was super valuable to our relationship with our core clients. These are the restaurant users that helped us grow to be who we are today and will continue to teach us, kind of like saying it takes a village to raise a child, well, you need to love that village back.

Showing up at a restaurant at least once a month will allow you to establish a relationship, get to know the staff, and as a result see if there are any changes or training that is needed to some other staff members.

Of course you might be thinking, but this isn't scalable? No it's not but these are the core customers that have helped us improve our product and get to where we are today. They know support is a call away, and as a result, they offer their loyatly and will recommend our product to other friends in the field.

A few things to do to improve your client retention through loyalty and support:

  • Visit your customers. Not too often that can be annoying but often enough for them to know that, hey, your still around and haven't abandoned them. I'd say about once a month is good.

  • Be reachable. When frustrated, your users want to speak to someone, what better than being available on the phone.

  • A useful tool for support is Intercom's chat system if your running a Saas company or online store. Your users don't just send you a message and expect an answer within a day. Intercom have developed a chat system that allows you to leave a message before you even get there, allowing you to set expectations, it includes photos of the support member talking to you, and allows emojis! How human!

  • Keep track of your customer's progress. If you notice them struggling using your service or product, be there, help them. Nothing trumps your presence.