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Grid View

Gird view is great. Here's three reasons why:

  1. At some restaurants, the kitchen can only handle a certain number of covers per hour. The ability to know how many covers are coming in at every 15 min slot on the grid allows the host to understand peak hours, and limit the number of covers for new reservations. No over-capacity means the service remains great.

  2. With hotels, there is often the case of having a call center creating reservations on behalf of the restaurants. Controlling the number of covers per hour is important to avoid over bookings.

  3. Lastly, we've made it extremely easy to add new reservations. Using the grid view, you're able to just tap on the desired hour, and the date, time, and number of covers are all pre-filled. The host just needs to select a table, and add guest details.

Eat continuously builds features to help support restaurants operating at peak hours.