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eat 1.5 now available on iOS and Android!

You spoke, we listened! Ever since we launched eat's discovery and reservations app at the beginning of 2015, we've constantly tried to improve our user experience. Version 1.5 makes browsing restaurants and booking a table even more effortless thanks to our most recent app re-ramp and a bunch of new features we think you'll love. Check out the changes below so you know how to get the most out of eat's restaurant discovery and reservations app!

The brand new tag section within each restaurant profile gives an overview of what that particular eatery is about. There's a wealth of information here, including information as to smoking, alcohol, outdoor seating, valet, payment acceptance types and much more.

Better Restaurant Information
Restaurant discovery is a big part of what we do, and we've added a bunch of new information to augment our restaurant profiles. More detailed, independently written restaurant descriptions give you a clear idea of what to expect in terms of cuisine, ambiance and setting. If you're looking to get a better feel for a place before you make a reservation, then these descriptions will do just that. We've done our research too! While many other restaurant discovery apps don't invest time in their in-app content, we've made sure that our write-ups are rooted in actual dining experiences.

Map View
To help make restaurant discovery smoother and more natural, we've introduced Map View, a new way to browse eateries based on geographic location. As we're constantly adding more fine-dining restaurants to our curated list, the choice of the best eateries in your city gets longer and longer, so this feature can help you out if you want to a visual representation of what's in your immediate area. You'll notice this new feature floating at the bottom of your screen as you browse through the restaurant listing!

Multi Image Photo Gallery
An improved photo gallery now hosts multiple images, which you can browse simply by scrolling through the gallery on each restaurant profile. We've done our best to include a nice variety of food, interior and ambiance photos to give you a good idea of that the dining experience is going to be like!

Easier Reservation Information Inputting
Version 1.4 saw users inputting their reservation information in the top navigation bar. We've made this more user friendly, with bigger text, scrollable arrows and obvious data fields to make sure you don't miss out on any of your key information.

Improved Status Updates
Whenever you make a reservation via eat's app, we communicate directly with the restaurant in question in real-time and confirm your booking instantly. In version 1.4, users received a confirmation via email with all their reservation details, but we want to keep you updated directly on eat, and now you can receive push notifications to confirm your booking and remind you of upcoming reservations that you may have forgotten about!

New Listing Page
The restaurants listing page is now much more information dense, giving users the ability to see restaurant location, price range, cuisine type and if the eatery is well known for anything in particular. This means you can get a great idea of whether that restaurant suites your fine-dining needs without navigating to their profile.