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F1 Bahrain 2016 restaurants

The Bahrain Formula 1 is right around the corner! Before you fill up on burn-outs, 300kph top speeds and G-forces greater than a space shuttle on re-entry, make sure to fill up on some serious eats at these top spots for gastronomic chow. Whether you're a die-hard petrol head or think a grid is a leftover from 3rd grade math class, this weekend is going to be especially busy, so make sure to book ahead or you're going to get stuck in the pit lane come dinner time.

La Vinoteca Barcelona
This avant-garde Spanish venue owned in part by Torres wineries combines a tapas bar, classy in-door dining area and outdoor seating in an impressive back garden. Food-wise, their menu is stacked full of delicious-tasting Spanish classics done up with Chef Joan's customary culinary magic. It's all about Spanish and Catalonian classics re-interpretated for the contemporary eating crowd; think mini cups of gazpacho, anchovies and olives straight from Spain, balsamic reductions, olive oil drizzled desserts - this place just continues to delight and amaze when it comes to all things foodie related! The patatas bravas, soft on the inside and fried to crispy perfection on the outside while oozing with aioli and tomato sauce, is our version of heaven.

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Potentially the hippest and trendiest sushi joint in Bahrain, Mirai has a reputation as the best place to go to for new-age Japanese cuisine. Tucked away in Adliya's 338 area, this place is small and cozy, with a swanky downstairs eating area and a small lounge upstairs. The food is marked as some of the more sophisticated on the island, with an innovative interpretation of Japanese favorites fused with a touch of the Mediterranean, while the vibe is buzzing and in-vogue. But don't limit yourself to sushi here; the new wave Japanese cuisine has everything from succulent black cod to salmon tepaniaki. The sublime cuisine means there are a steady flow of well dressed regulars packing this place out on most nights, so book ahead!

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My Cafe
Gourmet twists meets soul food at this boutique restaurant catering to the bon vivant crowd. The cuisine here is a loving fusion of home-cooked flavor, culinary flair and tantalizing taste. The venue is inviting with its white interior and light wood theme, tastefully decked out with a selection of lifestyle books, modern art and great design accessories. The downstairs area features an open kitchen area, a coffee bar and an eclectic collection of reading material, while the upstairs area is great for larger groups. While the weather is still good make sure to check out their cute garden area too!

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This place has been pleasing palates for over a decade with its delicious Pan-Asian fusion cuisine served in a Balinese palace inspired venue. Located in an orange walled fortress complete with Chiang Mai towers in the 338 area, this restaurant is all about Asian grandeur inside and out. Thickly panelled wooden doors, polished floors, tastefully colored lanterns and Asian deity inspired statues all evoke a sense of the exotic. An extensive menu brings you a bit of everything, from Thai, Japanese and Singaporean to Malaysian and Vietnamese dishes, and almost everything sounds pretty gastronomical. Grab a table on their patio while the weather is still cool, featuring an ornate pond and some great pagodas. The food is all about fresh, zingy flavours combining with fragrant textures and tastes!

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This mini Japan in the heart of Adliya is about as authentically Asian as it comes. Kimono clad hostesses, bamboo matting, low wooden ceilings, wadaika drums and some of the best Japanese, Thai and Chinese cuisine the island has to offer all come together at this joint. Headed up by the prodigal Bahrain-based chef Kevin de Guzman, trained by the Japanese foodie mastermind Naotaka Tokohisa, the menu is packed full of Far Eastern flavor. Amazing food combines with a great ambiance at this eatery, making for a unique foodie adventure set in a little slice of zen heaven. Not sure where to sit? We'd suggest checking out one of the teppanyaki rooms if you're with a group, or if it's just a couple of you then the robatayaki grill area or sushi bar will fit the bill nicely.

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