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The Weekly Round Up of Bahrain's Best Dishes

Welcome to the very first of our new series that will be taking a look at some of the dishes across Bahrain and Dubai that are exactly what fine-dining is all about. We've tried these out for ourselves and are happy to recommend all of them! So give the below a browse and see what you're feeling like before making a booking on eat. Happy Dining!

Chargrilled Prawns, Chilli Jam and Pickled Salsa
It's hard to keep up with Chef Susy and her busy kitchen team at Masso by Susy Massetti! These guys are constantly churning out one culinary wonder and another, and the menu is an ever evolving collection of seasonal tastes. Last time we visited Masso we were blown away by these chargrilled prawns topped with home-made chilli jam and pickled salsa, making for a delicate and layered dish, tempered with the perfect amount of heat. If you're quick you might still find this on the menu, but if not then whatever else you order is going to taste just as fantastic!

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Dark Chocolate Mousse and Orange Sorbet
If you're main motivation to go out this week is dessert, then look no further than My Cafe! As usual, they're desserts are some of the best of be had in Bahrain, and we really enjoy the new additions every time we visit. This particular masterpiece caught our eye (and our tongue!) with its pairing of dark chocolate and orange zestiness. It comes with a scrumptious chocolate mousse, toasted orange segments and crispy crumbly honeycomb, all topped with tangy orange sorbet. Mix and match each spoonful with a little bit of its creative toppings to get a little bit of heaven in your belly. Photo credit goes to the talented @mimbh on Instagram.

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New York Sirloin Steak Tartare
If we want steak cooked to perfection and served in a classic ambiance then we head down to CUT by Wolfgang Puck at the Four Seasons Bahrain Bay. Besides being the island's best steakhouse, the service is faultless and it's hard not to have an extremely enjoyable time. This chilled, hand cut New York sirloin steak tartare served with grilled baguette and dijon mustard was what we indulged in on our last visit, and it's one of our favourite dishes at the moment!

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Black Ink Fideuà
La Vinoteca Barcelona's fantastic selection of dishes from the Catalonian region is one of the reasons this venue has made such a big splash in recent years. The menu is a culinary adventure around Barcelona and its peripheries, and features some of the best food to be had on the island! Try out the fideuà, the paella's relatively unknown little cousin, a similar dish but made with thin noodles instead of rice. The texture is smoother than the grainy paella and is a welcomed regional twist of the popular dish.

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Tahstari E Tandoor
This dish is rumoured to be Nirvana's Executive Chef's favourite, and the menu version makes it pretty clear why. A platter of perfectly spiced meats and cooked in a variety of ways is accompanied by traditional smoked tomato and mint sauces. As far as contemporary Indian goes we think this is a real winner!

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