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Eat's restaurant management system makes it effortless for restauranteurs to effectively run their front-of-house, maximise footfall, increase turnover and improve guest retention. A comprehensive, real-time and mobile dashboard provides a range of tools to increase business success.

Tailor Your Needs
A customizable floor plan and server sections combines with a range of table statuses to make management as seamless as possible. Eat's cloud-based system operates both offline and online, providing you with a real-time view of your entire facility. Syncing input from multiple iPad connections, information can be constantly updated from all points of the floor with a few simple clicks.

Enhanced Hospitality
Keep your guests coming back for more with a personally tailored experience. Use an automatically populated diner database to easily record individual guest dining preferences, requests, special dates and food requirements. The wealth of information in the address book makes it extremely simple to find top diners and create accurate loyalty programs.

Multiple Input Reservation Management
Combine call centers, web-based bookings, mobile reservations and call-ins all under one system. Add, edit or cancel reservations from any access point, automatically updating reservation statuses across all other iPads.

Maximize Table Turnover
High demand time periods can be used to maximise revenue and footfall by utilizing eat's grid view. See your reservation breakdown in extra detail, allowing empty slots to be filled across both time and shifts. Expected covers per hour make it simple to make correct preparations in advance, while added functionality allows for reservations to be created directly from the grid, improving time management.

Restaurant Analytics
Access your very own admin website from anywhere in the world, allowing you to enjoy a range of real-time analytics on restaurant performance. Use this site to review guest data capture, download email addresses for marketing initiatives, amend floor plans and update online reservation availability.

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