/ Restaurant Manager by Eat

Eat; revolutionising Front-of-House

We see a trend in technology for the Food & Beverage industry being divided into two core areas:

  • Pre-arrival
  • Post-arrival

Post-arrival is everything to do with service at the restaurant once the guest is seated. Pre-arrival is everything before the guest steps through the door.

At eat, we focus on Pre-arrival. We help restaurants plan their shifts, allowing them to understand what tables are sold when, and which waiter is in charge of which guest. Before the shift begins, the kitchen is informed on everyone who is expected to arrive. Our iPads are revolutionizing front-of-house.

This is extremely important in today's competitive F&B market. By spending time analyzing your floor plans and understanding trends, you are able to generate up to 2x revenue. This is achieved by simply pushing reservations back and forth, helping flip tables twice or even three times per evening. Moreover, at eat, we have a built-in CRM system that store a comprehensive history of every guest that has been to your restaurant. Hospitality is being able to tailor services to each guest, and knowing allergies and preferences. This can truly enhance the experience and ensure that guests keep coming back.

One tip of the trade: keep your database clean. You never know when your host is resigning from your restaurant. Having a digital back-up goes a long way in diner retention.