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Dining Tip #2: Cutlery and Placement

This Dining tip is a classic, it's one we all know but actually forget to practice. I know I am guilty of misplacing my cutlery on my plate at restaurants and as a result leading the dinner to continue 20 mins longer than it should've. Oops...


Always remember, place your fork and knife together to indicate that you are finished with your dish. Otherwise, just cross your fork and knife to show that you are just pausing for a break. There are also a few other placements that could help you communicate other things but these are the basic and most important two to know.


Following this dining tip saves a ton of interruptions from waiters to check on your status allowing you to continue on with your conversations and for waiters to continue working where they can see that they are needed. Keep things efficient, have smoother conversations, fewer interruptions, and overall a better dining experience for both you and the waiter.