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#Cheftalk: Cafe Amsterdam's Mohamed Bouzaiene

Passionate and playful, Mohamed is a chef with presence you can't avoid. We asked Mohamed a little about his background, he was quick and proud to answer “I’m from Tunisia, I’ve been working in the Middle East for over 8 years. This is my second time to work at a restaurant. I used to work in Hotels, at the Intercontinental (IHG group), Radisson, The Plaza, Hilton, and Sheraton. In the Middle East; Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, Doha.” He’s seen it all in our region, and now he’s here, serving us in Bahrain at Cafe Amsterdam. Our personal favourite question when doing Chef interviews is always what is your favourite ingredient and why? A very special ingredient, confident in its power and delivery, Mohamed sang the words Star Anise.

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Who is Mohamed’s idol? This seemed to be a difficult question for Mohamed, he used to love cooking with his mother as a child but he loves too many aspects of cooking to be able to answer the question directly, he loves the hard work it requires, the creativity he gets to exercise, it all adds up to what drives him. Once again, The question where do you eat seemed difficult to answer. Mohamed enjoys many restaurants around in Bahrain but finally one of them seemed to be brighten him up, Vapiano. Casual, simple, comforting.