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Fine Dining Tip #1

We've all heard of the many fine dining etitquette tips our grandparents, parents, and that super preppy friend have told us about.

We've come across many ourselves here at Eat, some were quite serious and some fascinating. We'd like to take it upon ourselves to record them all! Creating an archive of fine dining tips.

Let's jump right in and talk about our first fine dining tip. This one is important but not widely known in the region.

Fine dining tip #1:

Eat, then greet.

لا سلام على طعام

The roots of this dining tip come from our Arab culture. The reasons are quite interesting. Universally speaking, it is not considered polite to talk while eating. Not too long ago, Arabs ate with their hands, so they couldn't shake someone's hand while having a meal for several reasons. The hands of the diner would be soiled with food and the person wishing to say hello could have their hands contaminated by germs. So it is best to greet from afar and when the time comes, offer your friend the proper greeting they deserve.