The Eat Exclusive Series

Today we're taking a look at one of our most recent promotional emails to engage our users. This email below is the first of our monthly eat exclusive series where we feature restaurants based on the theme that month, this month was fine dining or "Oh, so fine." Next month's might be, for example, top Restaurants for the best italian experience.

There are many reasons why we would want to send such an email series. One of them is to inform users on what's available at eat, another is to keep our foodies entertained and in the know of what's out there, and remind our users of the convenience of reserving through eat. Basically, presence, genuine presence.

Next, we picked the theme for this first email. It had to be a theme that most of the restaurants on the app have in common.

So, first thing we noticed was that there were plenty of fine dining restaurants, ones who really take things further, on the app so we chose to go with a fine dining theme and gave it a little fun twist calling this first email, "Oh, so fine 🍣". We thought that this subject line would reveal the essence of the email, enough to make some one go, "Oooo".

Also, my favorite part of the subject line was adding a little sushi emoji! Yes, a sushi emoji 🍣. We felt like that would add something a little more fun, and I bet some people would wonder, "What! I didnt know you could add emojis to an email subject line?!" and click because they were curious, not only of the cute emoji but because that also says a little somehting about the email. It's going to be friendly, interesting, and entertaining. Nothing excessivley promotional. We definitely thought it was, and the numbers certainly back us up.

Our Open Rate of this email was a staggering 58%!

The open rate benchmark for a Marketing and Advertising company (which is what eat would fall under) is about 19% according to Mailchimp.

Let's see if we can increase our Open Rate for our next emails beyond 58%!

From: Eat
Subject: Oh, so fine 🍣

An eat exclusive: The finest restaurants on the island

When it comes to fine dining in Bahrain, there are a few restaurants that take things further. With dishes you can't pronounce and ingredients you've never tried, this trio of restaurants will be sure to blow you away.

Go on, book them on eat!

La Vinoteca

A unique restaurant celebrating the passionate culture and gastronomy of Spain. With daily changes in the menu and a variety of events, no two visits will be the same. 

Rasoi by Vineet

Renowned chef-restaurateur Vineet Bhatia, three times awarded a Michelin star, takes you on a delectable Michelin-style journey into the world of contemporary Indian cuisine. 


The perfect location for those looking for a genuine insight into Japanese cuisine and culture. Enjoy it's exquisite features, including tepanyaki rooms and an authentic robatayaki grill.