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Another weekend, another chance to sample some amazing cuisine right here in Bahrain! We've added some great new restaurants to our list, making your choices that much tastier. If you're feeling carnivorous then we have an extra special treat for you, with the addition of The Meat Co., while if you're in the mood for something lighter (but equally as delicious) we have a mixture of contemporary Mediterranean, authentic Italian and fusion Khaleeji to help you out. Browse, reserve and enjoy!

**The Meat Co.** This really is the holy grail of carnivorous delights in Bahrain! The Meat Co., located in the hip and trendy 338 area, is all about the best prime cuts of meat that South Africa, Australia, and the USA have to offer. It's a tough one to pick out a favourite at this place because it's all just so darn good, but if you really twist our arm about it we'd probably have some favouritism towards their aged meat selection; tender, melt-in-your-mouth and packing a ton of flavour. The mostly South African staff are not only extremely friendly and helpful, but can also provide a wealth of knowledge where everything meat related is concerned.

The restaurant itself consists of three floors, all tastefully decorated in hard wood, dark rock and smokey glass - the perfect man cave setting. An open kitchen on the ground floor will get you salivating extra early as the chefs grill up a feast of meat, while the suave bar on the first floor is perfect for a pre-dinner drink, and the rooftop terrace area is the stuff that the 338 area is all about when the cool weather rolls around.

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**Nicole's** Nicole's Mediterranean Restaurant and Lounge is a relative newcomer to the island's fine-dining scene, founded in 2014 by husband and wife team Fadi and Denise Kfoury. Tucked away in the back of Adliya, it makes part of a new generation of restaurants that are augmenting 338's already impressive selection of eateries.

The menu has a taste of all corners of the Mediterranean, allowing you to dip and dabble across Italian, French, Greek, Lebanese and Spanish cuisines. But unlike other restaurants that try (and usually fail) to include several cuisine types, Nicole's really does this well, with its various culinary offerings complimenting one another for a pretty unique dining experience. Whether you feel like some Italian coast vibes, chic French Riviera, Lebanese mountains or Santorini-style, you can most probably get a taste of it at our new favourite Mediterranean restaurant!

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**Saffron** Located at the Al Areen Palace & Spa it's a bit of a drive to get to Saffron, but a visit to this fine-dining restaurant is worth the trip. The road trip will take you out of the city and into the desert, where you'll eventually get to the mini oasis town that is the luxurious Al Areen Palace & Spa. The hotel's 78 villas are dotted around its many pools and gardens, making for a fantastic walk to the restaurant.

This eatery is bringing Khaleeji fusion cuisine to a whole new level; the menu boasts a pretty tantalising array of dishes inspired by modern Bahraini cuisine blended with European & Middle Eastern influences. The restaurant atmosphere is luxurious, with beautiful high ceilings and exquisite middle eastern finished interiors making for a unique setting. The view overlooks the relaxing and serene water of the Hotel's majestic pool.

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**Prego** The atmosphere at this Italian trattoria, located at the Royal Golf Club in Riffa, is quite homey, but it's the outside area that really makes this place, with a great wooden deck stretching out, letting you take in the perfected greenery of the golf course. If you live in the area and haven't checked Prego out yet, then you're seriously missing out.

The menu features some of the best authentic pizzas we've eaten in Bahrain thanks to their wood-stone pizza oven! Besides the delicious pizza selection, Prego also has a very tempting Mediterranean menu featuring seafood risotto, stuffed chicken supreme and a secret-recipe lasagne. Our personal favourite has to be the Chantilly cream with a side of profiteroles and classic tiramisu. Make sure to grab a sweet 20% discount when you reserve through eat!

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