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5 Delicious Desserts To Try At My Café This Weekend!

We usually like to recommend desserts to share, but My Café's patisserie is so good we'd be hard pressed to ask for two forks when ordering any of these delicacies. This place's Instagram account gets ALOT of attention, and rightly so, so here's the details behind some of their most sought after sweet things. These desserts aren't always available as they have a constantly changing selection, but keep your eye out for them!

The man behind the magic is Pastry Chef Jolyon D’Angibau, who brings his touch to Bahrain after 17 years of churning out viennoiserie and patisserie at some of London's top eateries, including Michelin-star restaurants like Monsieur Max, The Glasshouse and most recently The Hand and Flowers.

Strawberry and Rose Cheesecake
My Café churns out a steady supply of cheesecake variations, all of which are very tasty, but they really outdid themselves with this little number! The Strawberry and Rose Cheesecake contains some seriously delectable chopped strawberries that have been steeped in a rose infused sauce, and is crowned with a scoop of home-made rose ice cream and a strawberry tuile. The base manages to walk a fine line between being buttery and crunchy in all the right amounts, while the interesting rose flavor makes for a nice change from the usual chocolate, strawberry and vanilla variations most other cheesecakes come in. It's everything a cheesecake should be and more!

My Café keep their Paris-Brest quite traditional, and why shouldn't they when it comes out like this! For the uninitiated, this French dessert is made of a wheel of choux pastry that's sliced in half, usually filled with hazelnut praline cream and then topped with some crispy slivers of almonds and a healthy dose of powdered sugar. Chef Jolyon adds a bit of a twist to My Café's interpretation, adding a chocolate and vanilla cream filling, which makes for a great combination of airy crispiness from the pastry and smooth texture from the filling. Bonus points for also being visually stunning!

Crêpes with Chantilly Cream
Move over macarons, éclairs and brûlées, The My Café crew are passionate and serious about their crêpes; if these don't get you drooling then we really don't know what will! The crêpes are made using a traditional French recipe, while the fruit is as fresh as it comes. They'r topped with strawberries that are a touch on the tart side, making an excellent contrast to the decadently sweet taste of the Chantilly cream. Some brûléed bananas, crispy on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth soft on the inside, accompany the strawberries. And to top everything off, the whole thing is sprinkled with a dusting of powdered sugar!

Hazelnut Bar with Salted Caramel Glaze
You really won't find many other desserts in Bahrain like this one; a milk chocolate Hazelnut bar drizzled in a salted caramel glaze and accompanied by some creamy banana sorbet. A heady mix of sweet and salty all at once, with some complex textures and tastes, this work of art should be in a category all on its own! This glaze is the flavor every patisserie chef worth his salt is aiming for, and with good reason. The creamy, buttery sweet decadence of caramel gets taken to a whole new level of awesome with just a little sprinkle of salt. It's truly the ultimate salty and sweet treat!

Berry Tart with Lemon Mascarpone
This is My Café most recent patisserie creation! This artisan dessert combines fresh raspberries and blackberries on a bed of lemon mascarpone. The whole thing is then dusted in some white chocolate dust. This berry tart really manages to get that perfect balance of sweet and savoury, and is a great option for a quick, but delicious, grab-and-go breakfast or a sunny Friday morning treat!

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