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Our Top Picks: Bahrain's Gourmet Burger Edition

We've developed a delicious love affair with the burger in Bahrain, with everywhere from fine-dining restaurants to shady corner grills serving this stuff. The spell of charred meat in a bun has got us looking at just where to go to get our burger fix. These places, serving everything from new-wave burgers to traditional classics, are our top picks thanks to their first-rate beef, home-made accompaniments and artisan baked buns!

Wagyu Burger at Plums
Wagyu, Japan's super beef export, is revered in culinary circles thanks to its high amount of fat marbling. A low melting point means that this cut of meat has that heavenly melt-in-your-mouth texture, and it's easy to see why it's considered the juiciest, richest steak in the world. While Wagyu is also produced in other countries, meat fanatics are in agreement that the Japanese version has a firm place at the top of the premium meat cut chart.

To compound the tastebud indulgence even further, Plums' Wow Burger combines 330grams of Japanese Wagyu beef with some delicious pan-fried foie gras. A topping of truffle sauce, caramelised onions and porcini mushroom compote means this burger could be sold as an all-in-one of gastronomic treats and goodies.

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American Wagyu Beef Sliders at CUT
As far as the best sliders on the island go, Bahrain has its fair share of restaurants boasting that theirs is king. But we feel that CUT's very own little gourmet treasures are the real winners here. It's easy to see why Michelin-starred chef Wolfgang Puck, who is behind The Four Season's Bahrain Bay's CUT menu, is so famous for his culinary magic! Combining American Wagyu beef, some home-made mini brioche buns and a selection of in-house condiments with fresh ingredients, these mini burgers are top notch. Executive Chef Ben Small and his team lavish CUT's sliders with an unbelievable amount of intricacy and detail.

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The Polo Burger at Polo Gastropub
Polo Gastropub has quickly made a name for itself as the place to go if you're after real pub food that's enhanced with a little bit of culinary flair. It has a distinctly English ambience and serves fresh and delicious gourmet pub cuisine, the best of which is definitely their burgers.

The Polo Burger doesn't have any new-age ingredients or fancy food art, and it really doesn't need any! This mother of all sandwiches is made using certified Angus beef, combining brisket, rump and fat trimmings and letting it all soak for 12 hours in brine. They won't tell us what's in their secret recipe, but whatever they're doing in that kitchen is out of this world. The result is a patty that really hits the spot, and the delicious homemade brioche is the icing on the cake. Topped with a healthy dose of their home-made red onion marmalade makes for a sweet and savoury combination that sets it apart from the rest of the burger competition.

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Angus Sliders with Squid Ink Buns at Tapas Bar
It's all scrumptious tapas and tasty bar bites at Tapas Bar at the Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa. You've probably realized that we have a bit of a weakness for anything that contains a helping of squid ink! The spooky jet-black color of these slider buns gives the whole fine-dining experience a dramatic edge, but don't worry, it doesn't affect the taste of this delicious trio of mini burgers. The black Angus beef really does melt in your mouth, and is topped with a healthy dose of red cheddar and mozzarella.

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The Wagyu Burger at The Meat Co.
Bahrain's most famous steakhouse is a tribute to the all-mighty steak and its meaty counterparts: think burgers, beef ribs and some expertly-cooked poultry, plus a few seafood dishes to mix things up. From the list of five burgers, The Wagyu Burger bedded with a sweet and soft brioche bun is our top pick at this joint. This patty, basted in homemade sauce, is flame grilled to perfection and retains a glorious juiciness. It’s supported by some house-made sauce options that adds a perfectly pitched amount of heat, and comes loaded with lettuce, onion, tomato and relish, while the house pickles add terrific tart crunch.

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The Classic Dutch at Cafe Amsterdam
We've given you first-rate meat cuts, minuscule works of art and new-wave reinterpretations, but where's the good ol' cheese overload? Say hello to the Classic Dutch at Cafe Amsterdam. This ground sirloin Dutch beef patty is cooked up exactly how you want it, loaded with caramelised onions and roasted tomato, and shoved in a homemade soft bun. Then the whole thing is smothered in melted Gouda cheese and Cafe Amsterdam's signature sauce.

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