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Glitz, Glam and Michelin Stars. Fine-dining Dubai Style!

Dubai has a truly spectacular fine-dining scene; Michelin-starred food, celebrity restaurateurs, iconic party brands and much more. Our city's top eateries are always pushing the culinary boundaries to the maximum, but with so much choice on offer where does one go to really cash in on the best glitz, glam and fine-dining in the Emirate of eight-lane traffic and skyscrapers?

From ultra-contemporary to wonderfully classic, here's our list of where we would go to get our fill of the best all-in-one experiences. Remember to book ahead on eat and happy dining!

Billionaire Mansion
As one of Dubai's newest restaurants, the edgy Billionaire Mansion has set the city buzzing in anticipation of its Costa Smeralda vibe, Bodrum-esque dance floors and gourmet dining all in one. Bringing a jet-set elite experience that combines nightclub and eatery, this place is Flavio Briatore's latest venture in the world of glitz, glam and fine-dining. The Billionaire Life brand is globally renowned thanks to its existing locations in Marbella, Spain, and Sardinian, Italy, as well as offshoots in Turkey, Kenya and Monaco, where it combines all things luxury with fantastic music. The Dubai venue is modelled on the Billionaire Mansion in Bodrum, Istanbul and Malindi Beach.

The culinary experience is a unique dining concept and features contemporary Japanese dishes created by the award winning restaurant Sumosan. Established in Moscow in 1997 by Alexander Wolkow and made famous in London, this restaurant’s award-winning food offering has resulted in countless culinary awards and their discreet style is a favorite with celebrities. What's more is that the Billionaire Mansion's branch will be headed up by Janina Wolkow, daughter of the founder, and talented Executive Chef Bubker Belkhit, making sure the food is five stars. Get ready for some new-age sushi combinations, such as tuna rolls with white truffle sauce, Albemarle rolls with salmon, seaweed tempura and avocado, and a ‘salmon rice pizza’. And if all of that gourmet isn't enough for you, then there's also The Billionaire Grill offering a combination of authentic Italian dishes and modern interpretations of the usual classic pastas, risottos and pizzas!

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Potentially one of the most unique restaurants in Dubai, Enigma changes up its whole culinary concept four times a year by hosting four visiting Michelin-starred chefs from the world's 50 finest eateries in rolling three-month stays.
First up was the intriguing Quique Dacosta, hailing from Spain and bringing an unprecedented level of creative molecular gastronomy to the UAE. The second act of 2016 sees 2 Michelin-starred chef Björn Frantzén take the helm with his very special take on Nordic cuisine, combining innovation and traditional preservation methods in a modern interpretation of Scandinavian culinary history.

Ranked 31 in the World's 50 Best Restaurants, Björn definitely knows his gastronomy! His Enigma concept, titled 'Journey of a Nordic Chef,' brings authentic Nordic ingredients and tastes to the Middle East for the first time. The interactive experience will reflect the changing seasons of Northern Europe, and the meal is divided into a 'Prologue' and subsequent 'Chapters.' Excited? We definitely are! Seats are limited, so advance bookings are highly recommend. You can pre-book your seats in advance through eat.

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Cavalli Club
Big on zebra print, flashy designs, sublime music and excellent food, the renowned Cavalli Club is one of the Emirate's more unique spots and a firm favorite with the after-dark crowd. Decked out in the most elaborate combination of shapes, colors and eras, the whole venue is a mash-up of outlandish vibes, flamboyant designs and luxury. There's a steady stream of international DJs and guest stars that keeps the music quality extremely high, while the well heeled clientele keep things classy. If you're not up for the usual thumping beats, you'll be happy to know the Cavalli Club recently added a fully sound- proofed private Jazz room called Blasé. The feel is very Midtown New York, while a jazz band plays a succession of styles including soul, blues and even a bit of funk.

This place is great for enjoying some contemporary Italian cuisine before the club turns into a dance party after 11pm. The food offering, overseen by Head Chef Ernesto Tonetto, includes a selection of risottos and pastas alongside some meat and fish main courses. If you’re after glitz, glamor and plenty of buzz, this is the place for you. The food

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Pacha Club Dubai
Love music as much as you love fine-dining? Pacha Dubai let's you indulge in your love for David Guetta, Eric Morillo, Roger Sanchez and other DJ superstars while also offering some seriously good cuisine. It's another one of Dubai's more unique dining experiences; dinner is served during one of Pacha's awesome shows, letting you indulge in seriously good Pan Asian inspired food, top-shelf beverages and a dynamic, theatrical show of acrobats, dancers and singers. Not bad!

With a heritage going back to Spain's beaches in 1967, Pacha has constantly evolved to bring new ideas, styles and experiences. The Dubai venue does a great job of bringing Pacha's singularly recognisable style and combining it with a gastronomic fine-dining offering. The experience has a very Ibiza-meet-Dubai feel, and the old-world meets new interior matches this perfectly. Typically Mediterranean-style finishings are mixed in with the modern and edgy architecture, while the music is extremely similar to that found at its Spanish sister.

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Noir Lounge & Cocktail Bar
Dark, stylish and decked out in trendy leather furniture, fur pouffes and striking table tops, this lavish after-dark haunt is all about delicious cocktails and gastronomic cuisine. Serving a fusion of Latin American and Asian dishes, Noir combines a restaurant, cigar lounge and cocktail bar for an enchanting and chic experience. The menu is packed full of flavorsome options, while the cocktail selection is one of our favorite in Dubai, comprising of 18 different alcoholic cocktails and 5 virgin cocktails.

The décor at Noir is as decadent as it comes. The lounge is decorated in moody hues with embroidered wallpapers from Belgium and soft velvet fabrics from Paris. It’s full of eclectic artwork, from sculptures to award winning photography by Anke Linz and Andreas Oettinger. The VIP Blue Room is decorated in the art-deco style with a magnificent boudoir-like chandelier made from blue glass.

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