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6 of Dubai's Most Tastebud Tantalizing Indian Eateries

Looking for some of the best contemporary Indian restaurants in Dubai? Then get ready to fire up your May with some super-hot stuff! Here you’ll find the best places serving excellent Indian cuisine! Whether you're in the mood for some creamy curry, spicy biriyani or an exotic reinterpretation of your favorite dish, there's more than enough Indian joints to make choosing one a tough job. But worry not! We've done the hard work and made it easy for you.

For feasting beyond your wildest dreams, these Indian restaurants will fit the bill nicely. From Michelin-starred chefs and famous London eateries, to renowned home-grown establishments, these places really know how to whip up a world of flavor sensations from all across India.

If you're looking for a bit of gastronomic-level spice then Tresind is for you! Dubai's foodies have been lining up out the door of this swanky joint ever since it opened, and rightly so; the sublime menu is peppered with delicious contemporary takes on classical Indian dishes, all served in a venue that sits between intimate and upmarket. Tresind’s interior is done in relaxed blues and creams, with copper accents and hints of Indian motif giving the venue a subtle Indian flavor.

Executive Chef Himanshu Saini’s approaches India’s culinary culture with creative flair, bringing a modern twist to the traditional style and many flavors of Indian cuisine. For an Indo-Arabic fusion dish try Zatar pao; pindi channa hummus, pickled olives and sundried tomatoes. Indian street food never looked as amazing as on the Modernist chaat trolley; an artistic version of three different types of chaat (typical street food dishes) using liquid nitrogen. For a decadent finish go for the baked jalebi taco with a stuffing of rabdi panna cota with cottage cheese churos and saffron foam.

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If you're in the market for some top-level Indian fine-dining, then Michelin-starred Chef Rajesh Bhardwaj at Junoon will definitely take care of you. Junoon got its initial dose of fame through its New York sister restaurant which opened in Manhattan in 2010 and quickly received a Michelin star for its breath taking setting, inventive food and exemplary service, all of which are reflected in its Dubai outlet. The venue itself is small and charming, with an open kitchen and a bar complimenting the main dining area. The décor consists of chocolate, brown and bronze colors, which are complimented by a golden mural on one wall depicting the Indian Tree of Life. There’s some great spots for a romantic meal tucked away behind some intricately carved wooden frames, reminiscent of an old ancient temple.

The menu is refreshingly short, and has a range of dishes you’ve probably never come across before. Representing fusion cuisine at its very finest, the choices include a foie gras terrine with smoked peanut chutney and an Atlantic mackerel cooked in banana leaf. The new-age dishes are balanced nicely with more classical options, such as the eggplant chaat, shrimp malai and murgh mirza hasnu. Our recommendation is to make full use of the staff’s extensive knowledge on the menu, who are excellent at explaining what dishes consist of what which choices go well together.

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Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor
This place is a real corner-stone to the Dubai fine-dining scene, with over 18 years of service to its name! Masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor's avante-guarde menu combines timeless Indian classics with a selection of more contemporary dishes, served in a clean and simple venue with low lighting; it's easy to see why the resident foodie population love this restaurant with a passion! The ambiance at Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor is elegant and sophisticated, combining a contemporary venue with a hint of India. The décor is subtle and let’s you focus on the gastronomic dining experience.

The menu is an embodiment of Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s philosophy of bringing joy and happiness through food. The house style brings together authentic Indian cooking techniques and traditional ingredients with a hint of contemporary flair. Popadoms with some pretty creative chutneys, amuse-bouches and palate cleansers all come courtesy of the chef. Some of the dishes that have helped establish Signature's reputation for food that tastes delicious and looks amazing are the butter chicken, cooked with lemongrass, and the beautifully presented lamb biryani. The menu also has one of our favorite dessert items in the Emirate; saffron fried ice cream studded with popping candy!

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Mint Leaf of London
This DIFC-based restaurant offers up some great contemporary reinterpretations of Indian classics all served in an upmarket venue with great views through floor to ceiling curved windows of the city. The venue is divided up into a restaurant, bar and lounge, while the decor is features warm and earthy tones with dark slate and henna inspired carved wood.

From classic Indian street food to creative European inspired fusions, this London import eatery has an all-star food cuisine offering in our book. The menu packs a flavorful punch and is full of culinary intrigue, with dishes such as Quinoa & Black Pepper Vegetable Seekh Kebab (Seasonal Mixed Vegetable Skewers, Quinoa Crust, Crushed Black Pepper), Sarson Salmon (Scottish Salmon, Grainy Mustard; Red Onion & Honey Raita) and Bhoona Hiran (Seared Loin of Dutch Venison with Red Onion & Coriander Naan).

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Bombay Brasserie
Headed up by Chef Jitin Joshi, Bombay Brasserie serves up some of the most sublime North indian cuisine we've tasted in Dubai, taking culinary inspiration from everything from street-food to classical dishes. Embodying the diverse culture of India, the interior is decked out with vibrant artwork, bright colors and wood carvings, while the stunning view looks over the city and the Burj Khalifa. Not bad at all!

Bombay Brasserie makes our list thanks to the fantastic quality of the food; it's all about textural and flavorful mixes that define the Indian style of cooking; expect sweet, tart and spicy all in one dish. What sets it apart from much of the rest of Dubai’s contemporary Indian dining scene is that each bite is a demonstration of some of the finest, cut edge gastronomy we’ve ever eaten! Try out the pani puri, a hollow crisp filled with sweet and tangy tamarind, chutney and vibrant spices topped with a mint-coriander yoghurt, that highlights Indian streetfood.

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This joint is a real hidden gem offering a combination of contemporary Indian and Pakistani dishes that will blow your minds. The food consists of age-old recipes that have been deconstructed using new-age culinary techniques; read serious gastronomic eating! The venue is embellished with rich crimson furnishings and crisp, white linen tables. There’s an open kitchen where you can see the chefs working their magic. For an upmarket and sophisticated meal in a contemporary setting, you'd be hard pressed to find better.

The guys at Ananta have perfected the art of reinventing classical Indian and Pakistani dishes with some seriously creative new-age culinary twists. The menu has been kept simple on purpose, allowing you a choice of the best the kitchen has to offer. The dishes on offer have a Maharaja Royalty theme, but don’t expect anything classical when the food turns up! Sophisticated and elegantly put together, the dishes are a perfect blend of old taste and new style. Amuse-bouches and palate cleansers between courses make this a ten out of ten spot! Want to go all out? Indulge in their tasting menu; fois gras and tandoori chicken, wagyu beef with biryani, tandoori prawns, and chocolate dosa and deep fried kulfi to finish.

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