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7 Reasons you should head to Cafe Belge this week (or weekend)

Get to Cafe Belge in the Ritz Carlton in DIFC immediately. You can thank us later.

1. It's like travelling back in time


Cafe Belge is set-up as a Belgian Grand Cafe from the 1920's and celebrates this golden era of food and design in Brussels. From the low hanging chandeliers and brass railings to art deco art work, the interior of Cafe Belge is fun slice nostalgia without being too over-the-top. It's easy to see why people keep coming back here.

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2. Classic dishes, expertly prepared.


In a city where so many restaurants turn up the wow factor to 11, part of the appeal of Cafe Belge is the (relative) simplicity of the dishes. Focused mainly on fish and seafood, the menu is filled with fine dining versions of Belgian classics that are both interesting and satisfying.

We tried the whole roasted dover sole. At Cafe Belge, it's prepared Meunière, a very simple technique involving lots of butter and lemon. It's delicious, you should definitely order it.

3. The smoked salmon is served with smoke

Of all the things we tried, the smoked salmon sums up what Cafe Belge is all about. A classic dish with just a touch of Dubai extravagance.

4. Rare for Dubai, the head chef is actually Belgian


The Chef de Cuisine is Romain Van Durmen, a young Belgian chef specialising in modern takes on classic cooking.

He spent 5 years working with Yves Mattagne, the 2 Michelin starred owner of famous Brussels fish restaurant Sea Grill. In short, you're in good hands at Cafe Belge.

4. The Drinks


For many, a big reason to visit Cafe Belge is the hops selection. There aren't too many places in Dubai to indulge in a decent Grand Cru and for hops lovers, the list makes pleasing reading.

5. Oysters, Oysters, Oysters, Oysters


Oysters are big draw at Cafe Belge.

There are four varieties on offer - 2 from France and 2 from Ireland. You can also order them fried in hops or as a spinach and tomato gratin.

6. The seafood Brunch looks like this...

The Cafe Belge brunch has definitely carved out a niche for itself amongst the hectic weekend Dubai dining calendar. Unmissable, is the show stopping seafood sharing platter - the perfect way to see in the afternoon.

7. ... and also comes with some of these.


Where else are you going to see the Gatsby Dancers?

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