Business Lunch Review - Firebird by Michael Mina


We are super excited to announce our new #EATexpert for Business Lunch, the very lovely Lana, otherwise known as @traveling_foodaholic! As a strategy consultant, Lana doesn't have time to mess around with bad lunches and slow service. If you feel the same way, look out for her monthly posts, where she'll reveal the best of Business Lunch options in Dubai. Enjoy her first review below.

Firebird Diner, the go-to spot for gourmet American cuisine, is the latest business lunch spots that I've visited. I used Eat App and had the perfect table booked within a few moments from deciding to dine at Firebird.

To start off, Firebird is centrally located in the Four Seasons in the DIFC, with a valet ready to park your car in case you are in a hurry to eat and return to the office! I love the design of the actual restaurant, you feel like you’re entering a diner in the U.S., which adds to the whole experience.

But what I love the most about Firebird is their outdoor seating area, shaded with plants and giving you a nice view while catching a meal in the sun. As for service, the staff are always happy to help quickly and with a smile on their face.

Moving on to the actual business lunch menu, I tried the Taste of Firebird Lunch (110 AED/ 130AED with dessert or shake). You have an option between the Taste of Firebird Lunch which comes as a set menu of two appetizers, and a main course consisting of three different items from the menu or the Business Lunch where you can choose one of three appetizers and one of three main courses as well as dessert (100 AED for two course/120 AED for three course).

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We started with the tomato soup & grilled cheese as well as the seasonal market salad. The soup is served with the grilled cheese sandwich dipped inside, so delicious and seasoned to perfection! What I loved most about the salad is the different tastes that the pomegranate, manchego and endives all added to each other, complementing the overall taste.

Moving on to the main course, it contained the Kansas City lab rib, All American slider and grilled prawns with black truffle macaroni & cheese. Now this may sound like a lot, but it came in just the right portions to allow me to try everything without leaving me too full.

My favorites were the prawns, and the All American slider which is the most famous burger from Firebird. Imagine, this lunch menu allows you to have 2 different appetizers and 3 mains, who would want more? Of course, we had to top it off with dessert. We tried the chocolate layer cake, which came with warm caramel and vanilla ice cream.


Overall, I would rate the experience as one of the best in terms of offerings, service, atmosphere & ambience as well as value for money.

Business lunch is supposed to be a quick endeavor but also one that you should enjoy while paying a reasonable amount. Firebird had just that! It mixed delicious gourmet American cuisine, with heartfelt service in the midst of one of the best neighbourhoods in Dubai. Thinking about it just now makes me want to go back again tomorrow.

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