What to eat at Matto with Head Chef Christian Carrieri


Christian Carrieri is the head chef at Matto - the incredibly popular Italian restaurant in the Oberoi in Business Bay.

In just a few months Matto has become a firm fixture in Dubai's restaurant scene. We asked Christian to tell us about his favourite restaurant in Dubai and an unmissable dish from his own menu.

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What is the must try dish on your menu? Tell us about it.

Pasta is one of my favourite foods, so naturally one of my favourite dishes from Matto’s menu is our signature Ravioli Porcini & Tartufo.

Each ravioli is individually handmade, stuffed with seasonal Porcini mushrooms and served with our signature Parmesan cream sauce. Throughout my experience as a chef, this has always been one of the most popular items, therefore, it is one of my signature dishes.

I have found that the key ingredients when cooking Italian food include, Parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, fresh basil and tomatoes. Regardless of where you are from in Italy, those are some of the key ingredients that clearly highlight the foundations of Italian cuisine.

When creating Matto’s menu, it was very important to include different dishes and recipes from different parts of Italy to allow guests to experience the many tastes and flavours of Italian cuisine.

What is your favourite restaurant or food experience in Dubai?

I don’t have one favourite restaurant, but we are very lucky in Dubai that we have the opportunity to experience some of the most unique dining concepts from around the world all in one place. Recently, one of the best dining experiences was at Vanitas at Palazzo Versace.

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