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The Perfect Catch: 9 of Dubai's Best Seafood Dishes

We're serious about seafood. Very serious! Whether your preferred catch of the day includes juicy jumbo prawns, marinated fillets of black cod, or a deliciously spiced bit of red snapper, then this post is for you! From mollusc and crustaceans to cephalopods and regular fish, if it tastes good we're going to tell you where you can find it. Read on for our top 9 seafood dishes in Dubai!

Zuma's Miso Marinated Black Cod
This multiple award-winning and established culinary force needs no introduction. It’s classy, contemporary and an enormously popular hangout with Dubai's resident foodies. Zuma's pièce de résistance and the star of the show, the miso marinated black cod wrapped in hoba leaf is probably among the most renowned seafood items served in London, New York and Dubai. This signature dish has the bold, intense flavors and refreshingly simple presentation that Zuma is known for. Dig in!

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The Maine Oyster Bar's Chargrilled Octopus
Now there's plenty of truly delicious items on offer at The Maine Oyster Bar & Grill, including a range of plump and delicious oysters, crunchy fish tacos and whole crispy skinned sea bass, but our personal favorite is the chargrilled octopus in puttanesca sauce. It's a medley of tastes and textures, combining tenderness with a smokey flavor and making it a real seafood triumph. Drizzled with a herb-infused butter, dotted with capers and sweet cherry tomatoes, this dish is pretty close to culinary perfection.

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La Petite Maison's Deep Fried Crispy Squid
Even the most cephalopod-phobic eater would be seriously tempted by these bad boys of the seafood world. Think crispy and crunchy tentacles, succulent squid and bits of friend goodness covered in a healthy dose of squeezed lemon and salt. We don't know why, but there's something to Le Petite Maison's baby squid that makes what is usually a simple dish into a bit of a masterpiece, combining delicately fishy tastes and delicious textures with a hint of caramelization.

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Seagrill on 25
Headed up by newly assigned Executive Chef Alain Gobeil, the seafood menu at this eatery consists of sustainable and local fish options, combined with a few international choices, while the atmosphere is all about romantic lighting and has a quiet hideaway vibe. When it comes to the food our personal favorite is the grilled luxury platter, throwing together the very best of seafood options for one seriously gourmet experience. Lobster, diver scallops, jumbo prawns octopus and red snapper - the list goes on and on!

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Toko's Tarabi Gani
Like crustaceans? Then Vida's trendy Japanese restaurant is really where you want to head to. While the menu packs a serious culinary punch, their Alaskan king crab is a cut above everything else in our opinion. The succulent and soft white meat of this dish is hand picked and served with traditional pickled Japanese plum, a bit of tart umeboshi, some beurre noisette and ginger. The result is a complex and subtle taste experience unlike anything else we've come across on our hunt for the best seafood in Dubai.

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Fish Market's Thai Green Fish Curry
This place is our go-to joint when we get hit with that authentic Thai food craving. While the menu offers a range of choices that mix zingy flavors, fragrant aromas and spicy textures to convey a real sense of the Far East, it's the Thai Green Fish Curry that wins our hearts and our tongues more often than not. Once you've chosen your fish of choice from the market-style chiller, simply ask the chef to get busy on your Thai green curry. It's a heady mix of spices and herbs, with a good dose of ginger, lemongrass and coriander for a real taste of Thailand. Not too sure what fish to go for? The staff are super helpful and will point you in the right direction if you ask!

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Toro Toro's Chilean Seabass
Celebrity Chef Richard Sandoval’s signature South American-tinged restaurant is renowned in Dubai for its Latin themed fine-dining offering in a slick, chic and smart atmosphere. Among the many gastronomic sounding items on the menu, the Chilean seabass is a real winner with its feisty flavoring and stunning visual presentation. This dish stands out from other seabass offerings mainly thanks to a unique combination of red miso glaze, aji amirillo and aji panca peppers - a somewhat unique culinary arrangement, but amazingly tasty!

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The Gramercy's Fish and Chips
Think you're palate is too refined for fish and chips? Think again. While this dish may have its roots in the Chippies of working class coastal England, for a number of years top chefs in the UK have been glamorizing this British national dish. Deconstructed, re-interpreted, fusionafide, it's now a regular on both the gastropub fine-dining and contemporary British restaurant scene. You can get your very own fix of this gourmet treat in Dubai by trying out the Gramercy's version! Chunky chips, crispy batter, meaty flakes of cod, and authentically British mushy peas.

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Ossiano's Goutte de Mer Sharing Pot
Ossiano's sharing pot means you'll never have to deliberate over what to order and what to leave unsampled. It combines a range of fresh fish, all cooked to perfection, and really does let you try out a bunch of different fish! We recommend bringing a buddy along when you order this (it is a sharing platter afterall), as besides the generous portioning of the fish, it's accompanied by seasonal vegetables to make sure you get your greens in!

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