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More Ramadan Tents for Bahrain's Fine-Dining Crowd!

Check out our blog post on Ramadan in Bahrain 2018 to see an updated list of Iftars and Ramadan tents.

From lavish iftar buffets to delicious suhoors, live entertainment and traditional music to board games and shisha, Ramadan tents are the center of the social scene when the sun hits the horizon during the holy month. We've scoured this year's offering and found the very best in terms of atmosphere, decor, entertainment and food. Whether you're with family or friends, here are some of our favorite places to break the fast and enjoy the spirit of Ramadan in Bahrain, and don't forget to check out part one of The Best Ramadan Tents in Bahrain for 2016 series!

The Al Areen Hotel & Spa Ramadan Ballroom
Time to escape the city and head down to the desert! Al Areen Hotel & Spa is already pretty glamorous with its green oasis meets Arabian palace atmosphere, but this Ramadan they're upping it a few notches. The Nadwa Ballroom is decked out in full Arabian royal splendour, combining some great live entertainment with a great spread of typical Ramadan cuisine, including a corner dedicated to traditional Bahraini food and sweets. The Al Areen Hotel & Spa Ramadan Ballroom will be offering Iftar priced at BD15++ on weekdays and BD17++ on Thursday and Fridays, and Ghabga priced at BD16++ on weekdays and BD19++ on Thursdays and Fridays.

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The Intercontinental's Al Thurrayya Ramadan Tent
Another old-school favorite, The Intercontinental is well known for its timeless hospitality. This Ramadan their Al Thurrayya Ramadan tent is back for another month of scrumptious cuisine, shisha and live entertainment for both Iftar and Gabgha. The buffet includes a mix of traditional regional offerings, including Arabic mezzeh, lamb ouzo, seafood, Arabic kebabs and sambusek among a wide range of other delicious treats! The Intercontinental's Al Thurrayya Ramadan Tent will be offering Iftar from sunset to 8pm, priced at BD13++, and Gabgha from 9pm to 1am, priced at BD15++.

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The Sheraton's Awali Ballroom
The Sheraton Hotel is another one of those places that's been serving up extra good cuisine since before Bahrain's fine-dining scene started to properly flourish. Their Awali Ballroom is a staple when it comes to Ramadan tent hoping on the island, so make sure to check them out! And if you're a bit worried that they're only serving Iftar, then don't fret as their Ghabga buffet takes place in the Al Safir Restaurant from 9pm onwards! The food is all about Middle Eastern and International cuisines, and the decor is a reflection of Ramadan traditions. The Sheraton's Awali Ballroom will be offering Iftar from sunset to 8:30pm, priced at BD16++ on weekdays, BD17++ on weekends, BD8.5++ for 4-12 year olds and free under 4 years old.

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The Ramee Grand Hotel's Acacia Ballroom
This stylish and modern hotel located in the central Seef Area is offering an elegant Ramadan tent in their Acacia Ballroom this year. There will be a wide range of authentic Middle Eastern and International specialty dishes, as well as a variety of starter plates. On the entertainment front, there will also be a henna counter, fun board games and a live traditional Arabic band strumming up some classical tunes. The Ramee Grand Hotel's Acacia Ballroom will be offering Iftar from sunset to 9pm, priced at BD12++, and Gabgha from 9pm to 2am, also priced at BD12++.

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