How to Support UAE Restaurants through Coronavirus

The restaurant industry across the world is facing one of the biggest calamities of its lifetime. As the spread of COVID-19 isolates everyone, restaurants are seeing a massive decline in income. Big and small, restaurants or bars, every establishment is reeling with the effect of the pandemic.

Restaurants need our support, now more than ever. So let's come together as a community and give back to the places that have always been there for us.

How you can support restaurants:

Use your voice

Restaurants are undertaking various measures to counter the negative effects of the crisis like taking extra precautionary actions to ensure cleanliness and safety within their outlets and offering special discounts and promotions. Many fine-dining restaurants have also started offering takeout and delivery options for people to enjoy  their favorite meals at home.

Make sure to spread the word about all the measures being taken by restaurants to people around you. You can do so by:

  • Sharing these updates on your social media profiles like Instagram, Facebook & Twitter
  • Spreading the word to people of influence on social media through trending hashtags like #UAERestaurantsUnite & #SupportLocal
  • Sharing the information with your friends and family

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Order takeout & delivery

As we mentioned earlier, in light of COVID-19, various restaurants have started offering takeout and delivery options to diners so that they can enjoy their favorite meals at home. This includes notable restaurants like Ruya, Nola, Mythos, and many more.

You can find a list of restaurants currently offering takeout and delivery here. This list is constantly getting updated, so don't forget to check back.

Another important thing you can do to support these restaurants is to order directly from them wherever possible instead of a third-party delivery app. These delivery apps usually charge restaurants a hefty commission for every order. By ordering directly through the restaurant, you can ensure that the money is directly reaching the restaurant.

Check out this amazing new delivery platform by Chatfood & Food Sheikh that encourages direct ordering from restaurants without charging any commission or subscription fee.

Find other ways to help

Your help is not just limited to having a meal from these restaurants, there are other ways you can support them weather this financial storm.

  • Buy gift vouchers: Eat App has partnered with restaurants and launched gift vouchers. You can support your favorite restaurants by purchasing them right now for future use here. Buy one for you and your friend to make sure that you can still have a delicious meal at your favorite spot once all of this is over.
  • Buy other products: A few restaurants also offer food or non-food related merchandise that you can purchase like cookbooks, speciality sauces, cookware etc. Grab something from your favorite store to support them.

Other notable supporters to check out:

This is the most important time for us to stand together as a community and show support to the ones around us. The only we we can get through this is by standing united & strong.

Stay in, stay safe, stay healthy. And don't forget to help others along the way.

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