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Stay Topped up on Taste with these Iftar Favorites!

There's just one week left before this year's Ramadan comes to a close, so we've rounded up some of our favorite Iftars around Dubai to keep you topped up on taste until Eid Al Fitr! If you're feeling like indulging in something a bit more traditional then we've got some great classic GCC, Levantine and Middle Eastern cuisine choices for you to hunker down to, as well as some Peruvian and Chinese delights to spice things up for those looking to chow on something different come sundown! And if you're after even more options, then check out our other top Iftars in Dubai, our fine-dining fast breakers, and the best Ramadan tents in the UAE. Happy dining!

Mezza House, Downtown
When the place that claims to have the best hummus in town offers an all you can eat Iftar menu, you go! Mezza House's mix of contemporary Arabian and Levantine food combined with their generous and wholesome portions has made this place a great hit with Dubai's foodies, and it's packed out on most night. Their Iftar menu has a mix of the best of traditional dishes from Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan, all created by chef and owner, Nasser Zuhour. Outdoor seating lets you soak in some of the best views of the Burj Khalifa or watch the Boulevard's opulent traffic. Alternatively grab a seat indoors where the turquoise blue walls, Arabesque decor and pleasant greenery create a cool ambiance.

As to the food, prepare yourself to have so many copper bowls filled with a range of deliciousness that you won't be able to see the table anymore! Fattoush salad, tabbuleh, hummus, mohammara, mottabel, and baba ganouj are all present, as is the kibbeh, sambousek, fatayer and batata hara. Once you've had your fill of these you can choose from a variety of mains; the Mezza mixed grill platter will hit the spot, consisting of a selection of succulent and mildly spiced meat and chicken skewers, freshly baked flat bread, french fries and crunchy grilled vegetables. Mezza House's Iftar menu is available from sunset till 9pm and is priced at AED149++ per person.

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Siraj, Souk Al Bahar
This latest addition to the Souk Al Bahar's fine-dining scene is offering one of the most picturesque and tasty Iftar menus we've come across this Ramadan. Local culture and tradition is tastefully embedded in the whole experience, from sprinkles of rose water, the aroma of freshly baked bread and Arabic coffee, Arabic-inspired décor and fantastic vistas of the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountains.

The Iftar menu is populated with a mash-up of culinary delights from across the Levant and GCC region, all of which has been prepared by Executive Chef Ahmed Al Fakir. There are all the usual delicious hot and cold starters, including hummus, baba ghanoush, fattouch, vine leaves and mohammara, followed by traditional mains like ouzi, harees, vegetable salona, grilled seabass and a few other tasty options. Siraj is also going all out with their Ramadan beverages; choose from jabbal, Vimto and laban to khoshaf and tamer hindi! Siraj's Iftar menu is available from sunset to 9pm and is priced at AED190++ per person.

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Royal China, DIFC
Switch it up with some of this award-winning cuisine, packed full of intricate flavors and textures that pay homage to traditional food choices of China as well as some contemporary takes. The venue is decked out in a Far Eastern theme, complete with some cool jellyfish chandeliers that make for a pretty unique look. This place has a reputation for offering the best dim sum in Dubai; these delicate little parcels are made daily by specialized dim sum chefs using the original techniques originating from Canton.

Both Royal China's a la carte menu and set menu options are available during Ramadan. The a la carte menu features a great range of dishes, including the wok-tossed salt and pepper squid that we feel is one of the best to be had in the Emirate, and the crispy fried aromatic duck that’s carved up right at your table. The menu has some hidden gems, including the jasmine flower tea; add hot water and watch as the petals open up into full bloom! The set menu is packed with delicious Chinese dishes like organic chicken sautéed in malt caramel and fillet of baby lamb in dried chilli. Royal China's a la carte and set menu is available from 11.30am to 11.30pm daily.

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Giardino, Palazzo Versace
If you haven't checked out the Palazzo Versace yet then this place needs to be on your hit-list. Opulence combines with class at this unique hotel that's decked out in some serious Versace design. For Ramadan their classically Italian themed restaurant Giardino is pulling out all the stops for Iftar. Mosaic patterned walls, elegant pillars and colorful touches in the form of a light leaf print wallpaper, inspired by Jennifer Lopez’s dress of the Grammy Awards in 2000, keeps things interesting.

Now onto the food; mezze will be served to your table when the fast breaks, and this will be quickly followed by some seriously sublime buffet-style eating. Four live cooking stations, including a fresh juice area, a kebab, rotisserie and meat grill station, a salad bar and a lamb ouzi station will be complimented by an array of mezze platters. And as if that wasn't enough, guests will also be able to get table-side servings of achurrascaria-style meat and kofta.
Giardino's Iftar is available from 7pm to 9pm and is priced at AED220++ per person and AED110++ per child aged 6-12 years old.

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Tesoro, Taj Hotel
Tesoro is usually all about its Peruvian delicacies, but for Ramadan they are ramping it up and focusing on providing some great culinary diversity. You can still find some Latin American dishes in the mix, and the generous use of Amarillo peppers and wasabi provides a nice kick for the tastebuds! Besides the Peruvian paella and anticuchos skewers, there's a range of cuisines from all corners of the world, with a bit of Indian flavors and International dishes complimenting the Arabian food offering. Get ready for live-cooking manakish, lamb ouzi, shawarma, Arabic ice cream, date smoothies and rosewater mocktails and chocolate fondue. Tesoro's Iftar is available from sunset to 11pm and is priced at AED195.

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