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Dubai's Top Iftars for 2016!

It's time to enjoy a mesmeric month of delicious chow with a Ramadan twist, cultural entertainment and social calls that go on long into the night. From the traditional to the contemporary, here are some of our top picks for Iftar in Dubai this Ramadan! We'll be bringing you more curated lists of our favorite haunts this Ramadan, so stay tuned to find out where to get your next foodie fix while breaking your fast. Ramadan Kareem!

Junoon, Shangri-La
Junoon's feasts are pretty famous when Ramadan rolls around! The method of delivery and style makes for quite a unique Iftar, and the unusual yet wonderful spices and flavor combinations compound this. A simple break of the fast of dates, buttermilk, some melon chat and sorbet leaves you completely unprepared for the amount of gastronomic goodness that follows. It's a continuous flow of contemporary Indian cuisine as you're taken on a five course culinary trip featuring Junoon’s signature eggplant chaat, a home-style fish curry, biryanis, curries and succulent kebabs. The icing on the cake is a triple serving of ice cream with some pretty interesting flavors; cardamom, curry leaf and guava. Junoon's delicious Iftar takes place from sunset till 12am, and is priced at AED225++ per person.

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Gaucho, DIFC
Gaucho does Iftar in its own special way, combining some Latin American charm, a focus on meat and a sprinkling of Ramadan traditional dishes. Iftar is served at your table, a refreshing break from the usual buffet experience, and includes options such as chilli calamari, braised beef short ribs, grilled monkfish and chorizo, and even the traditional Gaucho burger. A choice of a hot brownie or date tart makes for the perfect end to a pretty delicious meal! Guacho's Iftar takes place from sunset to 11:30pm and is priced at AED199++ per person.

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Tesoro, Taj Hotel
Tesoro is usually all about its Peruvian delicacies, but for Ramadan they are ramping it up and focusing on providing some great culinary diversity. You can still find some Latin American dishes in the mix, and the generous use of Amarillo peppers and wasabi provides a nice kick for the tastebuds! Besides the Peruvian paella and anticuchos skewers, there's a range of cuisines from all corners of the world, with a bit of Indian flavors and International dishes complimenting the Arabian food offering. Get ready for live-cooking manakish, lamb ouzi, shawarma, Arabic ice cream, date smoothies and rosewater mocktails and chocolate fondue. Tesoro's Iftar is available from sunset to 11pm and is priced at AED195.

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Le Patio, St. Regis Dubai
For some classical Arabic cuisine in a great venue, we recommend Le Patio at the St. Regis. The menu includes a great mix of hot and cold mezze platters, soup, and a variety of choices for mains such as Iranian mix grill, fillet fish machbouche style with local fish and chicken tagine. The desserts are also pretty classic, with options including Umm Ali and daily prepared Katayef. Le Patio's Iftar is available from sunset to 8:30pm and is priced at AED195++ per person.

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Olea, Kempinski Mall of the Emirates
Olea does Levantine cuisine exactly as it should be, and you can enjoy it in a contemporary Arabic venue. Their use of traditional cooking methods and recipes means the food here tastes amazing, whether it's El Homos Beiruti from Lebanon, Nayeh from Syria, Sultan Ibrahim from Cyprus of some good old Kunafa from Palestine. For Ramadan they have a range of tasty grills, fresh breads, live cooking stations and a range of Levantine dishes to sample, alongside some tasty looking desserts and Ramadan drinks! The Olea Iftar takes place from sunset to 9pm and is priced at AED175++ per person.

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