Gift Vouchers by Eat App - an initiative to help restaurants combat the COVID-19 crisis

The restaurant industry in Middle East is facing one of the biggest calamities of its lifetime. As COVID-19 takes over the world, restaurants are seeing a massive decline in income. Big and small, restaurants or bars, every establishment is reeling with the effect of the pandemic.

As social spaces that depend largely on day-to-day sales for sustenance, the sudden lockdown of public places and the implementation of social distancing has caused a steep slump in restaurants' sales & revenue, and has even forced a few big names to temporarily close their doors, with the fear of never opening again. This uncertainty can be disastrous for restaurants, the people who work in them, and the food industry at large - everyone who relies on restaurants to make a living.

At Eat App, we have seen the difficulties that restaurants are facing firsthand as we see our restaurant partners across the region suffer the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis.

To support restaurants through this difficult time, Eat App has launched a social initiative - Gift Vouchers by Eat App.

What are gift vouchers?

Restaurant gift vouchers are a way to help financially support local brands whilst they are closed for business during the Covid-19 crisis. They are pre-paid vouchers that can be redeemed at any point in the future as a method of payment at the restaurant you choose to support.

These vouchers are being sold at a discounted price, meaning that the value of the voucher is worth more than the cost to purchase it. This gives the restaurant valuable revenue up front but also gives you a discount when the restaurant reopens.

How does it work?

Purchase a gift voucher redeemable in the future to help support your favorite local restaurants - they get to keep their business running, and you get to enjoy your favorite meal another day.

Visit and follow these steps to successfully purchase a gift voucher for your favorite restaurant.

Voucher website

Help restaurants weather this storm by supporting them through this crisis. They need our help, now more than ever. Let's come together as a community to help local businesses thrive. Don't forget to tag #saveUAErestaurants or #saveBahrainrestaurants and share with your friends & family to follow your suite and extend their support.

If you are interested in listing your restaurant on our Gift Voucher platform, please sign up on under "add your restaurant".