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Our Top Picks: Italian Edition

With the cold-weather seasons finally upon us in Bahrain, who isn't craving a big bowl of creamy, comforting pasta on a cool night? Fettucine alfredo, spaghetti carbonara and meatballs are most probably your usual choices, but these Italian restaurants are switching things up a little bit with a bit of a different take on many Italian classics.

So whether you're after an authentic wood-oven pizza or a taste of the contemporary, here are some of the best Italian restaurants in Bahrain. Buon Appetite!

Oliveto has a delicious and modern interpretation of traditional Italian cuisine, all taking place in a lively and pretty darn inviting atmosphere. The food is pretty tantalising, with the Oliveto guys working some serious magic in the kitchen and turning familiar dishes inside out with some fantastic presentation. The wine list is a masterpiece in itself with a clear focus on pairing the best vino with your tasty food selection, and the variety is extensive. And we just love the atmosphere at this place! A wonderful mashup of industrial design and warm ambiance, combining rustic wood textures, smooth steel and classic white marble for a rustic and luxurious effect.

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Masso by Chef Susy Massetti
Masso seems to have awards and accolades thrown at it from almost every direction, and 2015 has been no different. What is largely acknowledged as Bahrain's best restaurant is also the top of our list for contemporary Italian cuisine. Chef Susy Massetti serves some of the island's most acclaimed seasonal and local fare that combines Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influences, all in an inviting and unpretentious atmosphere. Seasonal variation and quality of ingredients are king (or should we say queen?) at Masso, with every item going through a rigorous process of refinement before it is deemed fit for the menu.

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This Italian trattoria in Riffa has perfected the art of authentic pizza making with their wood-stone pizza oven! Prego is located at the Royal Golf Club and, besides the delicious pizza selection, has a very tempting Mediterranean menu featuring seafood risotto, stuffed chicken supreme and a secret-recipe lasagne. Our personal favourite has to be the Chantilly cream with a side of profiteroles and classic tiramisu (one can never have too much dessert in one's life). The atmosphere is quite homey, but it's the outside area that really makes this place, with a great wooden deck stretching out, letting you take in the perfected greenery of the golf course. If you live in the area and haven't checked Prego out yet, then you're seriously missing out. Make sure to grab a sweet 20% discount when you reserve through eat!

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There's just something about Cico's that always charms us into coming back time and time again. Possibly the very first trattoria-style restaurant in Bahrain, the food here is unpretentious, with the focus on taste and quality that never disappoints. Established in 1978, Cico's has become a firm favourite with a number of foodie generations now, and this is one of those places to go to for a taste of old school Bahrain restaurant style.

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Vento Restaurant
Vento is one of our favourite weekday haunts, especially with the weather being so darn good these days! Located at the Four Seasons, this eatery is snuggly tucked in-between the hotel and the infinity pool overlooking Bahrain Bay, making for some of Bahrain's best sunset spots. The menu has a fantastic selection of Mediterranean options, including some authentic wood-oven pizzas and some tasty pasta dishes. The open kitchen and trattoria-like atmosphere make it a great dining option that's flavoursome on the tastebuds and easy on the eyes. And it's all made that much sweeter by the 50% discount you can grab off your food bill if you reserve through eat for dinner on a weekday!

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