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Exclusive on Eat: My Café, Oliveto, Keizo and More...

We know that sometimes planning for a night out can be difficult, so we're here to help. Check out these notable hotspots around Bahrain, now available to book on eat! Use our app to reserve a table at these restaurants and get ready for an unforgettable meal. We've thrown in a taste of everything in this article, from trendy My Café and opulent Keizo, to the authentic Casa Mexicana and old-school Bahrain Cicos.

**My Café** This boutique restaurant opened up earlier this year in the trendy 338 area, bringing a 'bon vivant' vibe to Bahrain's unofficial fine-dining zone. Incredibly comfortable seating combines with bookshelves stacked full of intriguing reads, covering topic from art, culture and religion to reiki, meditation and philosophy. A combination of small tables and booths are spread out between the main dining area, the upstairs area and, our personal favourite, the great outdoors patio. One of the highlights is the cute outdoors terrace that features an array of greenery, giving it a serene oasis vibe allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle.

The menu is something special; a small selection of uniquely crafted dishes, combining some lighter classics and other more indulgent choices. With choices such as duck foie gras, veal cheeks and Japanese-style panko breaded popcorn shrimp, this place is more than tastebud friendly. If you love good food and a great setting with a seasoning of culture, then My Café should be at the top of your to-visit list.

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**Oliveto** Oliveto has been around for quite a few years now, opening its doors in Bahrain back in 2004, but has gone through several renditions in that time. The most recent interpretation is our favourite; it's all clean, contemporary lines complimented by huge windows that let the sunlight and gorgeous view mingle with the indoors area. The architecture is pretty unique at this venue, and it's easy enough to spend a whole afternoon soaking in the ambience. With the weather being great at the moment, their outside area is where we'd recommend to sit! There's a hefty selection of Italian choices on the menu , with a bit of everything listed.

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**Keizo** Keizo is a bit of a drive to get to, but it's definitely worth it! The road trip will take you out of the city and into the desert, where you'll eventually get to the mini oasis town that is the luxurious Al Areen Palace & Spa. The hotel's 78 villas are dotted around its many pools and gardens, making for a fantastic walk to the restaurant. The venue reflects the style of the hotel, with a grandiose feel. Combining Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisines for some creative fusion dishes, the menu is packed full of Far Eastern flavours.

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**Casa Mexicana** Casa Mexicana has been serving up Tex Mex food in Bahrain for quite some time now! The cuisine at this place is some of the most hearty and down to earth that you can find in Bahrain. Chef Romaldo, hailing from Acapulco, makes sure that the cuisine remains authentic and true to his home country, making this the number one spot for Mexican food on the island. The menu covers all the bases and then some, with some great fish and vegetarian options. Bring your karaoke A-game, cause you'll probably need it.

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**Cico's Italian Restaurant** Having been established way back in 1978, Cico's Italian Restaurant is a cornerstone to the Bahrain dining scene! Throughout the years it has become well known as a place to go to get a taste of old school Bahrain restaurant style. The trattoria-style eatery is a favourite with both the older and younger generations, so you'll most probably bump into some familiar faces!

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