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Meet the Team at Eat Bahrain!

We recently introduced you all to the guys at eat Dubai, so we thought it only appropriate to give a quick shout-out to the brains at our headquarters at eat Bahrain.

Based out of our offices in the trendy 338 area, the Bahrain team covers everything from customer service and marketing to product direction, business development and training. This is where most of the magic happens!

Nezar Kadhem
Nezar Kadhem, Co Founder and CEO
While Nezar isn't technically based anywhere (he's too busy leading the charge into new markets, establishing eat's satellite officers, and dealing with our largest accounts) he does like to call Bahrain home. As the man with the big idea, he's the driving force behind eat and plays a large role in much of eat's product and business developments, as well as setting and executing the long-term vision of the company. Prior to eat, Nezar was a Co Founder for an app-based reservation tool for nightclubs, available in four countries. When it's a R&R day, Nezar can be found skimming the waves on his wakeboard.

Zain Al Khalifa
Zain Al Khalifa, Customer Happiness
As Chief Customer Happiness Officer, Zain is the brains behind making sure our restaurant clients and online reservation users are getting the best customer service in town. Whether it's in-app chatting to help new restaurants through their first few days of management, training floor staff to be eat restaurant manager whizzs, taking charge of new installations or problem solving with our app users, you can be sure Zain is on it! She's a native to the start-up scene, having started her own online travel platform and studied at the source in Silicon Valley. Zain is eat Bahrain's resident escapist, regularly combining travel with a dash of adventure and a hint of wifi to stay in the loop. Whether it's reading Malcomn Gladwell's latest mind bender on a beach in Sri Lanka, enjoying a cappuccino in Rome's Piazza di Spagna or hiking around the French Pyrenees, Zain has problem read about it or been there.

Alexander Broers, Marketing
Alexander looks after eat's marketing and user acquisition. He can be found tinkering with all sorts of campaigns to make sure the right people are getting the right information. From PPC, SEO and online advertising to content strategies, social media and traditional public relations, he's a marketing dabbler and has a backhand in many of eat's activities. Before joining eat's ranks, he worked with the Formula 1, Porsche, Audi, RedBull and Oman's Ministry of Tourism. The travel bug is strong in this one too; Alexander has stomped around Srinigar, Northern India and Nepal, ventured to much of the Far East, driven across Western Australia, and spent a year with the bedouins in the Omani deserts as an adventure tour guide. When he's not working on eat, Alexander can be found at his favourite Indian restaurant, cooking up a vegetarian feast at home or lounging in his garden hammock with a good book.

Ryan Andrews, Marketing
Ryan is our resident growth hacker and spends much of his time optimising eat's SEO, PPC and online advertising campaigns to maximise results; he's all about the analytics and statistics! An experienced entrepreneur, Ryan also runs his own online shop selling stuff from souks from all over the world. His free time is filled with some pretty interesting stuff! A visit to Ryan's pad usually means tasting his latest home-made fermented food project, a self confessed obsession, or being given a demonstration of his latest robot build.

Tahani Abbas
Tahani Abbas, Marketing
Tahani has been part of the eat family since the project began. Responsible for all branding and design work across print and digital, she is passionate on UX design. Previously, Tahani has co founded her own creative studio in Bahrain.

Laila Yafi, Writer
Laila is Eat's resident foodie. She's constantly on the hunt for the next culinary hotspot and palate pleaser in Bahrain! Work instruments include chopsticks, pen, fork and fingers.