What to Eat at Zahira with Chef Greg Malouf

Chef Greg Malouf

Zahira, recently opening its doors at the H Hotel, has made itself the destination for modern Middle Eastern dining in Dubai. With a menu curated by award-winning Chef Greg Malouf, you can expect cuisine that'll have you begging for more. Everything from the food and perfumed cocktails to the soundtrack and warm interiors are carefully selected to take you on a culinary journey. They call it the Art of Dining.

Learn about the top 5 must try dishes at Zahira according to Head Chef Greg Malouf below.

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1. Split Giant Gulf Prawns

The only crustaceans Chef Greg Malouf truly enjoys are giant prawns because of their sweetness.
Zahira Dubai

2. Seven Vegetable Tagine

Chef Greg Malouf discovered this dish in Morocco and adapted it to his taste. The vegetables are cooked delicately and it is a more contemporary take on the classic tagine.
Zahira Dubai

3. Salmon Kibbeh Nayyeh with its accompaniments

It's based on the traditional Kibbeh with lamb. It's a dish that Chef Malouf's family enjoys.
Zahira Dubai

4. Egyptian Style Pigeon Twice Cooked in Aromatics

This dish is Inspired by a close friend of Chef Greg Malouf. It is a traditional dish but Zahira cooks the dish with a lot of aromatics (master stock) to give it extra flavour and color without overcooking the pigeon.
Zahira Dubai

5. Buttermilk Rose Cream

This dessert is inspired by a member of Chef Greg Malouf's family who used to cook the traditional Panna Cotta. The buttermilk rose cream is cooked using buttermilk and rose water to give it a tart flavour.
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