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What to Eat at Hakkasan with Chef Andy Toh Chye Siong

Hakkasan is arguably one of the most popular modern Chinese restaurants in the world. The combination of their striking interiors and world class cuisine is what sets Hakkasan apart from the rest. In Dubai, the secret to their innovative dishes is Chef Andy Toh Chye Siong. Read on to see the Top 5 dishes at Hakkasan Dubai according to Chef Andy himself.

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1. Peking Duck with Royal Beluga Caviar

A very special dish at Hakkasan, where a whole duck is served in 2 courses. For the first course, the crispy skin is carved with a thin layer of meat and this is served with flat pancakes, cucumber, shredded leek and topped with Royal Beluga caviar. For the second course, the remaining meat is carved off the duck and stir- fried with the choice of 3 sauces.

Peking Duck

2. Hakka Steamed Dim Sum Platter

A mixed platter of dumplings filled with prawn, scallop, crab meat, sea bass and vegetables. A great platter for sharing.

Dim Sum

3. Crispy Duck Salad with Pomelo, Pine Nut and Shallot

A signature Hakkasan dish. The duck is first braised with five chinese spices so it is tender and full of flavor. Then, a quarter duck is de-boned, coated in potato flour and fried until crispy. The fried duck is served with a mixture of lettuce leaves and cress.

Crispy Duck Salad

4. Stir-Fry Rib Eye Beef with Foie Gras

This dish was created for the "Only at Dubai" section. A selection of dishes showcasing the local cuisine and culture, using ingredients and flavors synonymous with the locations.

Stir Fry

5. Charcoal Grilled Silver cod with Champagne and Honey

One of the most famous dishes at Hakkasan. A fillet of silver cod is slowly roasted in the charcoal oven so the fish remains moist. Then it is served with a buttery sauce made with Champagne and Chinese honey.

Silver Cod

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