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What to eat at re Asian Bahrain with Head Chef Brian Becher

Re Asian Chef Bahrain

Located on the 50th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel, re Asian by Wolfgang Puck is Bahrain's undisputed king of innovative, contemporary Asian dining.

Headed by Chef Brian Becher, the restaurant combines a dazzling art deco inspired design with stunning views of the city. The menu features Wolfgang’s modern take on traditional Asian cuisine and provides a “re”-evolution of what the celebrity chef has been passionate about for the majority of his career.

Find out what Chef Brian recommends on the menu at re Asian below.

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What is the must try dish on your menu? Tell us about it.
Salad Re Asian Bahrain

At re Asian, one element that sets us apart is our 7-course tasting menu. The tasting menu is driven by seasonality. For example, if we a honeydew melon that look great at the farmer's market, we grab it, infuse it with smoked black tea and honey, brighten the flavors with holy basil, and we have found the perfect bite to begin our guest's experience.

The concept of the restaurant is the re-interpretation of Asian food. So we like to take traditional flavors and ideas and add something new, be that a technique or combination or application, to reinvent the offering.

Right now, we are right in the heart of white asparagus season. On our menu you will find a warm white asparagus salad highlighted by a Yuzu gastrique and organic egg cured with Togorashi. We add a sesame brittle to bring sweetness and texture to the dish. We are very proud to have found the balance between richness, lightness, sweetness and acidity all the while highlighting what is best available in the market.

Our tasting menus change daily, and are subject not only to seasonality, but also to what we, in the kitchen, are most passionate about creating. We like to keep the preparations lighthearted and fun, as that is what drew us to cooking in the first place.

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