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The Hit List: New and Trending Restaurants in Beirut Right Now

Another day, another place to go out. Lots of new restaurants have been opening in Beirut recently. From the recently opened, and ultra trending to established Beirut dining heavyweights, here are latest trending restaurants in Beirut right now.

Abdel Wahab


Forging a reputation for serving trademark Lebenese cuisine, Abdel Wahab has become part of the quintessential Lebenon experience. Boasting a rich oriental decor and a taste of authentic Lebanese hospitality, Abdel Wahab is definitely a front-runner for the best restaurants in the city.

Serving delicacies like Lebanese mezzes and traditional grilled dishes, Abdel Wahab is a favourite with residents as well as tourists.

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Couqley Dbayeh


With a quintessential French Bistro atmosphere, Couqley is a trendy restaurant offering traditional European bistro meals that will leave you wanting more. Chef Alexis Couquelet sets the standards high with his traditional French delicacies like Entrecote & Steak Tartare

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Blû SALT by Eddy Diab


The renowned Chef Eddy Diab brings his magic to Blû Salt with his innovative cuisine and creative food design. With a gorgeous & romantic setting, this restaurant serves refined French cuisine with a modern touch, creating a perfect atmosphere for quite evenings and celebrations.

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Founded by wine enthusiasts, Burgundy holds an innate character representing glamour, flair and sophistication like no other restaurant. Nestled in the heart of the Beirut, Burgundy is a contrast of modernity and authenticity.

With a pure & elegantly styled dining room adorned with the spirit of modernity serving contemporary French cuisine with an international inspiration, Burgundy is a place designed with special attention to detail.

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Fred Bistro


Fred has something for everyone, from the novice foodie, to the more curious plates and the more experienced connoisseurs.

With a menu characterised by the Rotisserie, Fred serves delicacies influenced by French Culinary traditions & heritage as well as international dishes with a French twist. The restaurant's home-style decor paired with it's French Bistro atmosphere and food style is sure to trasnport you straight to the streets of France!

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Le Phenicien


Le Phenicien is renowned for it's exquisite & unforgettable seafood dishes. It's classy & stylish atmosphere paired with delicious & fresh seafood makes it one of the most popular spots in town.

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Les Caves De Dar Azar


Perched on the hilltop of Beit Mery with spectacular views overlooking Beirut, Les Caves de Dar Azar is a historic restaurant set within architectural splendor.

This gorgeous spot serves traditional French & Italian dishes with ingredients freshly prepared daily and straight from garden to table. The welcoming environment and spectacular views make this is a must-visit spot in Beirut.

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Matto Beirut


Named after the Italian word for "crazy", Matto is known for shaking up the rules of cooking and taking a stand agaibst normality. Matto provides its diners with a true Italian experience, transporting you to the busy streets of Italy with their unusual gastronomical meals. Matto is where modernity and history collide.

Expect one-of-a-kind service and a medley of authentic Italian dishes like you've never experienced before!

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SUD Restobar


Counter-balanced with comfortable simplicity & a tasteful twist on Mediterranean food, SUD Restobar offers an alluring & authentic dining experience.

With a promise of excellence, SUD Restobar's trendy & genuine food paired with its exciting cocktails stands by it's word.

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If it's 100-year old villa location is not intriguing enough, Sapa holds a lot of delights that are sure to excite you.

Sapa is a delightful take on Peruvian cuisine with an international influence that will guide you across centuries of marvelous gastronomy. Apart from exquisite food, Sapa also holds weeklong live entertainment with exclusive bands & resident DJs ppaired with the best Pisco cocktails in town.

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If you are looking to experience a culinary journey like no other, look no further. With it's simple dishes, ever-changing menu, eclectic Scandanavian-esque interiors & open kitchen, Baron offers dishes focused on clean and simple ingrediants resonating with local palattes.

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Appetito Trattoria


Located in the vibrant city of Beirut, in pasteur street appetito trattoria is a cozy escape from the hustle bustle right in the middle of the city.

The design concept is homey and rustic with wholesome & fresh with a twist of rural Italian flavors, from the red and white checkered tablecloths to the laid-back typical rural Italian ambiance.

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Acote is a cozy gourmet eatery that offers great food with friendly staff. Their best-selling dishes like the Signature Burgerm Reuben Pastrami & Lobster Roll are cult favourites in the city.

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El Paseo


Set in a modern and cozy decor, El Paseo is a Spanish tapas Bar in the heart of Badaro. El Paseo's wide and authentic variety of Tapas alongside it's full cocktail bar will trandsport you straigh to the streets of Spain.

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Felicie French Eaterie


Félicie – French Eaterie is a food store imagined as a place where the tastiest and virtuous of French cuisine and tradition is concentrated, always in a chic but mostly friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Félicie's ambition is to be the ambassadress of the typical dishes of the French Bistronomie alongside with authentic and gourmet specialties of salty Galettes and sweet Crêpes with associations of contemporary flavors, all embedded in an innovative environment, trendy, fun, friendly and personalized to the tastes of everyone.

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Ginger & Co


Ginger & Co is the best kept little secret of Lebanon’s sushi lovers. Since it's launch, it has become a household name with a reputation for generous portions, refined presentation and amazing value for money.

The restaurant is led by people who are passionate about Japanese cuisine and who have made their unique mark on it with signature delicacies and first-rate service that set the restaurant apart.

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Qortoba Baadat


Located in the mountainous region of Lebanon, Qortoba Baadar offers traditional delicacies from Lebanon, Aleppo & Armenia.

Embark on a sensational culinary journey with delectael dishes and soothing ambiance in midst of the mountains.

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The Beirut Cellar


The Beirut Cellar provides a unique and various menu, quality food and bar, as well as a social experience for customers seeking a relaxed, social and upscale environment.

Whether you are craving dim sum, a burger or steak and fries, The Cellar is your place to be.

Book your table at The Beirut Cellar

Al Sultan Brahim


Driven by the Ramy brothers' passion for food, Al Sultan Brahim is all about family, tradition and exceptional food served with the warmest of welcomes. An upscale Lebenese seafood spot, Al Sultan Brahim serves delectable food that's made it a favourite all across the city.

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Perched atop an ancient building in the quaint historic region of Beirut is a hub of chic modernity, Fabrk.

Delivering an experience like no other, Fabrk provides a vibe engulfed in music and fun with impressive interiors and a magnetic atmosphere. Feast on delicious finger food, appetizers and cocktails paired with good times from early evening to dawn at this one-of-a-kind restaurant.

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With it's cosy, beautiful & romantic vibe, Balthazar has become a crowd favourite for intimate gatherings and perfect dates.

Balthazar is home to some of the best French cuisine in town, with delicacies like Souris d'agneau, Loup de Mer, Salade au Halloumin and the absolute cult favourite, the Pain Perdu, which is repeatedly claimed to be the best in town.

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The Gathering


Focused on serving fresh, organic and high quality produce, The Gathering brings to the table exquisite Italian dishes, hearty premium grills, and bar gastronomy bites. The Gathering's unique and historical location composed of three turn-of-the-century old houses retains the beauty & charm of the city's historic beginnings.

The Gathering also offers it's space for special evenings and events, along with an option to buy whoelsome organic products varying from fresh cut meat to local produce.

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In the heart of Saifi’s art-studded streets, comes alive the story of a new lifestyle, Brassica. Take a freedom walk into the Quartier des Arts, find the secret doorway and enjoy the perfect combination of state-of-the-art food, great drinks and a unique ambiance.

Brassica offers a funky French cuisine with an authentic vibe. With its high-quality ingredients, friendly and helpful staff, and pristine location, Brassica is a must-try for those who love good food in a great atmosphere.

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Amar Harissa


With it's charming location in the heart of Harissa Mountain and breathtaking views overlooking the Mediterranean seascape, Amar is an exquisite & authentic dining venue that offers the best flavors of Lebenese cuisine paired with the nature's picturesque wonders.

Book your table at Amar Harissa

Chez Jean Claude


Home to an authentic French Dining Experience, Chez Jean Claude is a charming and intimate space that makes for a great spot when you are looking for delicious food and unprecedented quality.

Book your table at Chez Jeean Claude

La Mezcaleria


Beirut's first Mezcal Bar, La Mezcaleria is the perfect escape from your daily routine where you can feast on a wide array of Mexican & Latino tapas made with the freshest ingrediants paired with an extensive collection of the world's most exquisite tequilas & Mezcal.

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Divvy, Mar Mikhael


With a strong emphasis on the concept of sharing, Divvy makes the perfect spot for a cool & casual hangout with your family & friends. Offering a wide variety of food including decadent burgers, pasta & delectable desserts, Divvy is definitely a Beirut hotspot.

Book your table at Divvy, Mar Mikhael



Established as a small family-run restaurant, Almayass has grown to be one of the most loved restaurants in Lebanon. Within a homey atmosphere with relaxing performances every night, Almayass serves delicious Lebanese & Armenian dishes that add a twist to the traditional Lebanese flavours.

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Kitchen Confidential


If you are looking to indulge in delicious food without the guilt, Kitchen Confidential is the perfect place for you. Offering a 100% Gluten Free and Allergen Friendly menu, Kitchen Confidential opens doors for people with all kinds of diet preferences to enjoy great food.

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Retro Active


Retroactive music bar is all about its name. Nostalgia is the key ingredient.

Come and enjoy golden oldies, and current hits played by their live bands and resident DJs. Enjoy your favorite cocktails prepared by the expert bartenders, while feasting on delicious food by the chefs. Enjoy a multiple course meal, or statisfy your appetite for tasty appetizers with your drinks.

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