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Miyako Dubai - Go here, eat this

Miyako is the Japanese restaurant at the Grand Hyatt in Deira. We recently visited the completely remodelled restaurant for Teppanyaki.

We've always been fascinated by the idea of a 'gem' in Dubai's restaurant scene. It's hard to pin down a definition of a gem, but often, as well as having great food, they have been around for a while, aren't too pretentious, and tend to have more of neighbourhood vibe. In a city obsessed with being 'new', Dubai doesn't feel like the kind of place where gems should exist.

Miyako however, is one of few restaurants in Dubai to already reach 'gem' status. Consider the following:

  1. Open in 1987, Miyako is Dubai's oldest Japanese restaurant.
  2. It's located in the Grand Hyatt in Deira, a type of old school Gulf style hotel they just don't build anymore.
  3. It's a small(ish) place with relatively subdued styling.
  4. Many of Dubai's Japanese residents live in the next door Grand Hyatt apartments, making it a go to local spot.
  5. Unlike so many of the contemporary Japanese restaurants in trendier parts of town, the menu is more traditional and excellent across the board.

All these things collide at Miyako resulting in a unique, and ultimately really great place to eat.

In the last few months the restaurant has undergone a complete remodelling. Inspired by traditional elements, particularly shou-sogi-ban, a Japanese house building technique of charring wood to preserve it, the interior of Miyako is cool and elegant with a dash of novelty. The new open plan kitchen is awesome as well. You should come eat here.

There's lots food options at Miyako including the classic Japanese hot-pot Shabu-shabu, but when we visit we go for the least traditional option, the teppanyaki.

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Arriving at Miyako.
The alternating lines of wood are bold and interesting and set the stage nicely for what's inside. miyako dubai entrance

The new open kitchen. It's moody and noirish. Next time we come we're sitting here.
miyako dubai kitchen

The new Tatami room. The glass centred tables make it seem like you're eating on floating pieces of wood.
miyako dubai tatami

The Tappanyaki Room.
miyako dubai restaurant

Sushi to start. We begin with a selection of sashimi and sushi rolls. We have the crispy and tempura rolls.
miyako dubai sushi

Teppanyaki begins. 1st up, shrimp.
miyako dubai restaurant

You can't escape it. Wow factor comes as standard with Teppanyaki.
miyako dubai fire

Slicing the meat. At Miyako you have choice of US or Wagyu beef in either rib eye or tenderloin.
miyako dubai grill

The finished beef Teppanyaki.
miyako dubai Teppanyaki

Eggs eggs eggs
miyako dubai eggs

How to make egg fried rice in style.
miyako dubai gif

Garlic and egg fried rice. A teppanyaki classic and one of the best we've tasted in a while.
miyako dubai rice

Dessert. The desert menu at Miyako is a list Japanese classics. We go for the matcha and red bean ice cream, as well as the selection of mochi.
miyako dubai chef

Thanks Miyako. We'll be back. :)
miyako dubai chef

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