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5 Must Try Japanese Dishes in Bahrain!

Maybe you’ve tried kara-age, Japanese fried chicken, or you spoon some matcha into your smoothie in the morning, but many diners don't venture beyond sushi and ramen. Why not Order up some okonomiyaki, a hearty umami-packed donburi, some stir-fry udon, or if you're craving comfort food, try a plate of omurice. So whether you're craving some raw-fish delicacies from a Michelin-starred chef or yakitori washed down with an icy mug of Japanese's best, we’ve got you covered. Here's where to find something a little bit different than the usual when it comes to Japense cuisine in Bahrain. Itadakimasu!

Monsoon Bahrain
Monsoon's Miso Baked Salmon
Monsoon's expansive menu covers many of Asia's cuisines and then some, but it's their Miso Baked Salmon that impressed us the most in 2016. Their interpretation of Nobu Matsuhisa's globally renowned miso-marinated black cod is just as tasty, and we're loving the taste and texture of the salmon, marinated in a sweet miso sauce and grilled to caramelized perfection.

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Kei Bahrain
The Kei's Matcha Ice Cream
Matcha, or green tea in powder form, is a super food that can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty, used by Zen Buddhists to help them focus during meditation. The Matcha craze has spread from the USA to Australia and everywhere in between, with every restaurant worth their salt having it in some form or another on their menu. Check out the Kei's take on green tea ice cream for a double hit of health and taste!

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Mirai Bahrain
Mirai's Japanese Tuna Pizza
Mirai's novel combination of Italian inspired Japanese pizza is probably something you'd never order due to what can come across as a bizarre culinary concept, but this may just be the most under-rated dish in Bahrain! A perfectly cooked pizza base is layered with thin slices of raw tuna and garnished with shiso cress, making for a distinctively Mirai spin on classic comfort food.

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Meisei Bahrain
Meisei's Dim Sum Platter
The newest foodie trend on the island seems to be gastronomic Dim Sum, and Meisei's assorted platter gives you a bit of everything to try to see what your palate likes best! This beautifully presented mix contains steamed tori, tiger prawn, vegetables and scallops, and is accompanied by a traditional sesame soy vinaigrette.

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re Asian Bahrain
re Asian's Angry Lobster
re Asian Cuisine by Wolfgang Puck's Executive Chef Ben Small has pulled out all the stops with his latest creation, aptly named the Angry Lobster. Combining the best of Asiatic flavors for a subtle and complex eating experience, it features lobster, black beans, a healthy dose of garlic and sweet onions make for a sweet, salty, spicy dish that fuses together in a delightful way.

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