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Exclusive: Our Top Picks at Gaucho!

When it comes to Argentinian food, Gaucho at the DIFC know their stuff. Their venue is stylish and contemporary, the staff are extremely well-informed and the kitchen churns out some of the most renowned steaks in Dubai! From Business Lunches to Family Brunches, Gaucho has made its mark when it comes to fine-dining in the Emirate.

Premium meat take center stage on their menu with a range of succulent cuts available, including perfectly executed steak, ribs, empanadas and ceviches. They get full points for dessert too; the Salted Dulce de Leche and Hazelnut Cheesecake combines coconut Italian meringue, salted dulce, milk chocolate ganache and marbled chocolate shard for one of the best desserts we've had this year! And of course, Gaucho's beverage list pays tribute to some of the best Malbecs to come out of South America, making for a perfect accompaniment to their Argentinian dishes.

The space is decked out in a chic masculine theme that gives the restaurant a trendy atmosphere without being kitsch. Chrome fittings, low hanging spiral chandeliers and lots of shimmering glass adds a touch of femininity that gives the venue perfect balance. The outdoor alfresco dining area is clean lines dressed in rich dark wood and warming leather - the perfect place to enjoy a chilled cocktail and unwind.

So next time you're on the hunt for your next fine-dining fix, check out the food offering at Gaucho with some of the below options:

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Gaucho Dubai
The Beef Cuts
The meat cuts at Gaucho are off the charts! They have four main options; Lomo, Ancho, Chorizo and Cuadril. Our personal favorite is the Lomo, a fillet cut; lean, tender and delicate! Order it with the Churrasco marination for maximum taste; garlic, parsley, olive oil, marinated for 24-48 hours.

Gaucho Dubai
Humita Saltena
When it comes to Argentinian cuisine, it doesn't get more traditional than Humita Saltena! Masa harina and corn are slowly steamed or boiled until it tastes just right. Guacho puts their own unique twist on this classic dish, serving it in a corn husk with sweetcorn and mozzarella. This is a great choice to accompany your steak or to share with your buddies!

Gaucho Dubai
Tuna Ceviche
Another classical plate from across Latin America is ceviche; typically made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices, such as lemon or lime, and spiced with ají or chili peppers. Gaucho's version combines super fresh raw tuna cured in natural citrus acidity, dressed in chilli, lime juice, coriander and layered on a base of guacamole.

Gaucho Dubai
Lobster Taco
Now we all love a taco, but a fine-dining taco is delivering on a completely new level of gastronomy! This dish has been making culinary waves in Mexico over the last few years, and has recently been seen popping up all over Argentina's foodie haunts! Perfect to share, it combines fresh lobster with a generous dose of coriander, mayonnaise, red onion, iceberg lettuce and a good squeeze of fresh lime for some zing!

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