How Bahrain Restaurants are Being Affected by Coronavirus

PLEASE NOTE: All restaurants in Bahrain are now closed for dine-in as per government orders.

Restaurants and cafes are one of the most important businesses across the Middle East. Food is an essential part of our culture, and restaurants form the social backbone of cities across the region.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is already having a huge impact on the region's restaurant industry and many are already feeling the pain.

At Eat App, we care deeply about the health of the region's restaurants and are continuing to monitor the impact of Coronavirus on this vital part of the region's economy.

Looking at the data from 1000+ restaurants on our reservation platform, there has undoubtedly been a big effect on restaurants due to Coronavirus.

Across the region, business at dine in restaurants has dropped by up to 30% in the past week.

Restaurants across all the cities where we operate are taking steps to ensure the safety of their guests. We aim to keep you as updated as possible with what restaurants are doing in the coming days.

We want to encourage you to support the restaurants you love in any way you can

Here are just a few ways you can think about helping.

  1. If you are at home and not going out - consider delivery. Many restaurants may start offering expanded menu options for delivery as a safer alternative to dining in. This is a great way to support restaurants that don't normally offer delivery options.
  2. If you've already made reservations for a future date and don't intent on going, please cancel. your reservation. No-shows cost restaurant money.
  3. If it's safe and you are out and about, make sure to use the best practices to protect yourself and others against infection. This includes washing your hands frequently, maintaining a safe distance between yourself and others, avoid touching your face, and above all - if you have any flu like symptoms, stay home.

As of March 17th, all restaurants in Bahrain are OFFICIALLY CLOSED for dine-in as per government orders. Restaurants may be open for take-away and delivery, please check with the individual restaurant for more details

Restaurants in Bahrain Open as of March 17th, 2020

Here are just a few restaurants across Bahrain that are taking huge strides in reducing potential risks while remaining operational.

Most of these restaurants are using social media to communicate changes with their guests and so we recommend checking with any restaurant on this list before deciding to visit.

Note: This list is purely for informational purposes. There is currently a lot of confusion in Bahrain about which restaurants are still open and taking the necessary precautions to keep their customers safe during these troubling times. We at Eat App completely understand the current health crisis and encourage every one to take the necessary precautionary and isolation measures.



Diplomatic Area


Amwaj Islands

Manama Center

Bahrain Bay


Al Mazrowiah

Al Janabiyah

We are regularly updating this list according to recent announcements, check back to be updated about any changes.