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Tired of Thareed? Switch it up with Cafe Amsterdam's new menu!

During Ramadan the emphasis turns to Arabic classics, Levantine specialties and Lebanese buffets, and if you're anything like us you've been making the most of the delicious focus on regional cuisines! But sometimes we like to take a culinary break from the Middle Eastern eating, and Cafe Amsterdam's brand new menu created by their new resident chef Joseph is where we will be heading! He's brought a South American twist to Cafe Amsterdam's already delicious menu, as well as introduced some one-hit wonder new desserts and a number of Mediterranean plates that are already amongst our favorite dishes in Bahrain. Their new menu demonstrates an exceptionally high standard of fine-dining, featuring of dishes that are pretty hard to get right consistently, but they do it every time!

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Saffron and Garlic Mussels
Mussels are a bit of a rarity in Bahrain, and perfectly cooked mussels are even harder to come across! But Cafe Amsterdam's saffron and garlic mussels are simply divine; they let the main ingredient do most of the talking by cooking them to perfection and not overpowering them with added spices and flavors. Unlike other restaurants that have a tendency to boil them to tough, sinewy and chewy lumps of meat, these mussels are soft, tender and have a melt-in-your-mouth quality. The Saffron and garlic add some complexity to the dish, which is soaked up by these pan-fried mussels.

Chicken Basil Risotto
Rich, creamy and coated in a delicious sauce, the Chicken Basil Risotto at Cafe Amsterdam has just become our go-to comfort food dish on the island! A good amount of butter and Parmesan form the base of this delicious dish, giving it a luscious quality that is the sign of a well made risotto. The seared chicken breast that tops it is tender and soft, and the Parmesan flake adds a nice bit of gastronomic crunch to the whole experience.

Smoked Cappuccino
Is this the hottest new sweet thing in Bahrain? We like to think so. The presentation is potentially the most visually stunning dessert we have seen in a long time, with a miniature topping of raspberries, dark chocolate mousse, mini meringues and other delicious delicacies sitting on a shortbread style cookie board above a Java flavored mousse. Served up in a glass cappuccino cup, the whole thing is cute to look at and beyond good to eat!

Signature Peruvian Ceviche
These South American classics have been making waves on Dubai's fine-dining scene for a little while now, so it's about time we got some authentic ceviche here in Bahrain too! This refreshing plate of marinated fish is a great summer option; it's light and flavorsome, and won't weigh you down in the heat. The trick is in the marination process, which imparts the majority of that exceptional taste, which Chef Joseph is an adept hand at. This Peruvian version combines citrus flavors with super fresh seafood for some seriously exquisite eating!

Vegan Yellow Tomato Carpaccio
Cafe Amsterdam is really pushing the development of vegan cuisine in Bahrain, with their new menu featuring a special section dedicated exclusively to meat and dairy free diners. But even if you're not vegan, don't be fooled; these options can definitely compete with the other mouth watering options to choose from at this eatery. Our favorite so far is the yellow tomato carpaccio, made with local tomatoes, kalamata olives, basil, pickled capers and a sublime horseradish sauce. Vibrant presentation combines with locally sourced products that are not just great for your health but also an ethical choice for animals and environment alike. Did we mention it tastes incredible too?

Wagyu Beef Silver Label Steak
Wagyu, Japan's super beef export, is renowned globally among chefs and foodies alike thanks to its high amount of fat marbling. A low melting point means that this cut of meat has that heavenly melt-in-your-mouth texture, and it's easy to see why it's considered the juiciest, richest steak in the world. Cafe Amsterdam's signature Wagyu beef silver label is up there with the best on the island; the succulent cut of meat is chargrilled in a special Josper oven for maximum taste and flavor. Carnivores take note!

Oreo, Passion Fruit and Pistachio Dessert
This is another one of our favorites from the dessert menu at Cafe Amsterdam. The Oreo cheesecake is a playful mash-up of fun flavors, layered textures and visual presentation, mixing passion fruit, caramelised pistachios and a topping of rich white chocolate with an oreo mousse! The scattering of raspberries and blackberries combine very well with the complex tastes of this dish, making for a pretty spectacular sweet!

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