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Business Lunch Review - Matto

For her latest adventure, our resident business lunch reviewer @traveling_foodaholic visits Matto.

Located inside the new and beautifully designed Oberoi hotel, Matto was my second destination to try for business lunch! As always, my reservation process was seamless with EatApp and within seconds I had my table booked!

They have a make your own business lunch concept where you can mix and match a selection of appetizers, mains and dessert between 12pm to 3.30 every Sunday to Thursday!

The place is massive on the inside, and the interior is quite fitting for an Italian setting. The waiters were all great, mostly Italians which gave the atmosphere an authentic flavour.

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For the appetizers, we went for the Burrata Pugliese: Yummy burrata on a bed of different vegetables. I really love Burrata and this one didn't disappoint. What is different about Matto’s Burrata is that it comes with different vegetables rather than the more typically just tomatoes. The second appetizer was the Polpettine: Fried meatballs with neapolitan tomato sauce, basil and parmesan shavings. The meat was really tender and delicious.

matto business
Fried meatballs

For the main dishes, we had Braccio di ferro: pizza with ricotta cheese and spinach stuffed crust, mozzarella, tomato and basil. The best pizza I've had in Dubai so far. Definitely recommended.

matto business
Pizza with Ricotta cheese and spinach

We also had Cannelloni Gratinati: Baked pasta tubes stuffed with ricotta cheese, also really good for those of you who like Ricotta, the baked pasta tubes gives it a light taste, so that you don’t feel super stuffed after you eat it. Definitely a good choice if you’re going back to the office for a few more hours of work.

matto pasta
Cannelloni Gratinati

For our dessert, Matto Rock, An amazing dish, honestly one of my favorite dessert dishes in Dubai. The exterior comes filled with Ferrero Rocher chocolate and ice cream on the inside. We also had a Cannoli: very authentic for those who are looking for true italian taste and Dammi Un Vaso: Cheesecake with a very unique presentation in a plant pot. Both we're good but the Matto Rock is the standout winner.

matto rock
Cannelloni Gratinati

Matto is now one of the places on my radar for good Italian food. They have the best pizza I’ve tried in Dubai as well as one of the best dessert platters. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, definitely check them out...

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