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Dubai’s Best Food Bloggers Share Their Top Dishes With Us

What's the best plate of food you've had in Dubai so far this year? To get sense of what you've all been eating the past few months, we asked some of Dubai's top food bloggers this exact question - what's the best dish you've eaten in a Dubai restaurant this year?

Below is a list of the 'must-haves' across Dubai so far this year...

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1. Seafood Bucket from Aprons and Hammers


Visited Aprons and Hammers, a unique experience dining in a dhow. I can say that this restaurant is a Seafood Lovers Paradise, everything they serve here are on top quality, from appetizers to mains and desserts. But out of all the food they serve here, their Sea food bucket is definitely a must try, and it's actually one of my favorite, it has Whole Lobster, Tiger prawns and Crabs for 285 AED only, amazing Deal right? It's very delicious, very fresh and it's oozing with flavor. A true hidden Gem at Mina Seyahi.

Aprons and Hammers Dubai
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2. Roasted Lamb Rack from Le Cirque


Le Cirque’s Roasted Lamb Rack or as the French call it, Carré d’agneau. The Chef suggested we have the meat cooked medium, in order to thoroughly enjoy the flavors. Now usually we have our meat done medium-rare, so as skeptical as we were, we decided to go with it anyway. Needless to say, the meat was perfectly cooked, packing all of that juice and tenderness. We could definitely use a rack, or few, right about now!

Le Cirque Dubai
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3. Grilled Saffron Prawns from Siraj


I have a passion for discovering new and vibrant flavors of different cuisines from around the world and when it comes to Emirati cuisine, I felt like the search was over with Siraj. I love their grilled saffron prawns which are fresh tiger prawns, served with saffron and preserved lemon butter. This was not just ambrosial, it was delectable and definitely a must-try.

Siraj Dubai
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4. Zuccotto from Solo Dubai


Another epic dessert that isn't fire shy. Love this signature creation by Chef Doxis at Solo Dubai
Presenting the Zuccotto which is a frozen chocolate dessert with dual layers consisting of amaretti biscuit and ice cream mousse. There are some lovely cherries submerged into the innermost core too. Divine!

Solo Dubai
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5. Special Chocolate with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream from Zuma


Let’s choc about the Special Chocolate with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream from Zuma.

Sushi is undeniably Zuma’s strength, but my money’s on their impeccable take on a classic lava cake, which is served in all of their 11 branches worldwide - it’s that well executed. Split it open and you’ll know that this is a must for anyone with a chocolate obsession, and quite frankly, no one else comes close to that scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. This for me stands out in a city that takes dessert seriously.

Zuma Dubai

6. Duck & Corn Waffles from 3Fils


Get in your car, drive to Jumeirah Fishing Harbour, go to 3 Fils, order the Duck & Corn Waffles, thank me later!

3 Fils Dubai
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7. Vegan Chickpea Omlette from One Cafe by Life N'One


The Vegan Chickpea omelette from One Cafe by Life N'One - It satisfies every vegan's curiosity of what an omelette should be and surpasses imagination and expectation.

One Cafe Dubai

8. Into the Wild from Carnival by Tresind


Although it's very hard to choose one particular dish, 'Into the Wild' at Carnival was one of our favorite dishes - Wagyu beef and prawns grilled on a Himalayan salt slab and served with chili and garlic sauce was mind-blowing.

Carnival Dubai

9. Kamakura from Hibachi


Craving the Kamakura (tenderloin and tiger prawns) which I had at Hibachi in Roda Al Bustan Garhoud. With live Teppanyaki, it will surely be an entertaining night!
Roda Al Bustan Dubai