6 Restaurants Redefining the Restaurant Scene in Dubai

Sick and tired of the same old cookie-cutter restaurants? So are we. Which is why we've combed through Dubai's best to put together a list of the 6 restaurants that are redefining the dining scene right now. Including everything from "fake" carpaccio to dark chocolate kibbeh, these restaurants are sure to satisfy your adventurous side.

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Zahira Dubai
Zahira is a concept restaurant created by the Australian/Lebanese chef Greg Malouf. With its prime location at the H Hotel, this restaurant offers redefined Middle Eastern cuisine with a contemporary twist. The menu features a selection of dishes curated from the chef's childhood but with an added flair and attention to detail. Each of their dish is a delectable work of art just waiting to be discovered.

Must-try: Split Giant Prawns. The only crustaceans Chef Greg Malouf truly enjoys because of their sweetness. Check out more of the Chef's favorite dishes here.

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Molecule Dubai
In the heart of Dubai Design District, Molecule is where creators meet and makers eat. Celebrated chef Udo Moreau brings his gastronomic culinary techniques to a cool, affordable bistro setting coining the term "bistronomy", a place where gastronomy meets bistro. In the restaurant, your taste buds take a tour of the Mediterranean while creative cocktails and a roster of funky DJs light up the lounge.

Must-try: The Aubergine. An eggplant stuffed with labneh and pomegranate.

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Ruya Dubai
Located at Grosvenor House in the Dubai Marina, Ruya is known for serving up Anatolian dishes that captures the heart of traditional and modern Turkey. With a bar & lounge alongside the restaurant, the look is contemporary and progressive. Dishes are artistically presented with care and flair, taking you on a culinary journey that encapsulates the vibrant and varied tastes from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean.

Must-try: Cikolata Turk Kahvesi. Translating to "Chocolate in Turkish coffee", this kibbeh shaped chocolate is stuffed with salted caramel and served atop a generous scoop of Turkish coffee ice cream.

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Bombay Bungalow

Bombay Bungalow Dubai

Bombay Bungalow is a progressive transition reflecting traditional Indian cuisine in a more modern and casual setting.This new neighborhood retreat is the perfect spot to experience the lighter, fresher flavours of India while keeping the classics that you have come to love from the region.

Must-try: Calamari Bhel. Amritsari spiced calamari fritters served atop a puffed rice salad.

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7 Elephants

7 Elephants Dubai

Relatively new to DIFC, 7 Elephants has hit Dubai with a bang. What sets 7 Elephants apart from the rest of the restaurants on this list is that instead of redefining one cuisine, it redefines the dining experience itself. 7 Elephants is a social lounge bar concept coupled with a dining experience- the first of its kind in the region. The brand new open-air venue features jungle inspired interiors and an eclectic menu with dishes from all reaches of the world, including Italy, Mexico, Spain, India, Bali, Britain, and the Middle East.

Must-try: Mexican Platter. A delicious combination of all the best Mexican dishes, including shrimp tacos, quesadilla, beef chili, and chicken wings.

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Cuisinero Uno

Cuisinero Uno

Cuisinero Uno, a contemporary tapas and cocktail bar, recently opened its doors at the Steigenberger Hotel Business Bay. The ultra creative restaurant and bar aims to cater to the growing population in the Downtown area with its upscale and creative dishes paired with a completely unique interior.

Must-try: "Fake" Carpaccio. Watermelon sliced into thin slices mimicking a traditional carpaccio, served creme fraiche, pine nuts, and tarragon. The perfect dish for all the vegetarians out there.

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