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5 Dishes that will Blow your Mind at Totora Cebicheria Peruana!

Totora Cebicheria Peruana has been churning out some of the most authentic and visually vibrant Peruvian cuisine in Dubai since it opened its doors earlier this year. Thanks to the cultural and historical melting pot that is Peru, the local food is a combination of several distinct influences that make for some unique eating. The menu features a number of modern and traditionally interpretations of classic dishes, including cebiches, tiraditos and causas, as well as Peruvian-themed maki rolls and small plates. We've selected what we think our some of the best options on the menu, so check them out below and then head to Totora to try them yourselves! Happy dining.

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Trio de Causas
This visually pleasing dish combines finely mashed potatoes with some delicious seafood flavours. A plate that's steeped in history, it was traditionally made by Peruvian citizens to support soldiers fighting the Chilean conquerors, and is a reminder of independence! Totora's version is a fantastic medley of vibrant colours, textures and some of the best presentation we've seen in a long time.

Lomo Saltado
A dish that has its origins in the part of Peru's cuisine that has a Chinese influence, known as the chifa tradition, is now considered a mainstream choice. As one of the country's most popular dishes, it's a great presentation of the rich fusion of old and new historic influences and culinary trends, and is just one of the many culinary introductions Chinese immigrants brought to Peru. Succulent beef combines with onions, tomatoes, amarillo chilli and soy sauce, and is stir fried in a wok sautéed in a large pan (or wok) is one of the many contributions Chinese immigration brought to Peru.

quinoa has a long history in the Andean region, having been cultivated and eaten for thousands of years thanks to its great nutritional value and taste. For Totora's Quinoto, white quinoa is combined with portobello mushrooms, aji amarillo and white wine, and finished off with a sprinkling parmesan cheese and black truffle oil.

Cebiche Natural
When it comes to Peruvian cuisine it doesn't get more authentic than Cebiche. This classic dish consists of fresh raw fish that is cured is lime juice, Peruvian spices and chillies to create a delicately layered taste experience. The history of this plate goes back to the fishermen of Peru who used to traditionally eat their fish as fresh as possible and add lime, removing the need to cook them over a fire. Archaeological record suggesting the consumption of a food similar to cebiche nearly 2,000 years ago - that's a whole lot of history on your plate!

These traditional Peruvian skewers are left to marinate and then grilled for the perfect combination of flavour and texture. Totora's menu takes these very seriously, offering four options. The Anticucho de Champiñones; portobello mushroom, chimichurri and potato salad; Anticucho de Pollo Chicken and lime; Anticucho de Carne; ribeye, anticuchero, grilled potata and choclo corn; and the Anticucho de Camarones; prawns, chalaquita sauce and potato salad.

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