Top 5 Dishes at Asia de Cuba Bahrain According to Chef Luis Pous

Asia de Cuba has earned its reputation in Bahrain as one of the island's most sought after restaurants, an impressive feat. None of this could have been achieved without the help of head Chef Luis Pous, an expert chef who crafts delectable and innovative dishes for the restaurant's many hungry guests. But which of Asia de Cuba's many dishes are most worth trying?

Read on to see the Top 5 dishes at Asia de Cuba according to Chef Luis himself.

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1. Wokked Chilli-Rubbed Scallops with Japanese Black Rice, Black Beans and Garlic Aioli. Asia de Cuba Bahrain A chino-Latino twist on a Cuban congri (aka rice & beans).

2. Tuna Pica Asia de Cuba Bahrain Tuna Pica is a signature Asia de Cuba classic dish, taking cues from the ingredients in Cuban picadillo and fusing them with a tuna tartare.

3. Calamari Salad Asia de Cuba Bahrain Our Calamari Salad is another signature dish from the original Asia de Cuba. It’s also the top-selling item at all of our Asia de Cubas worldwide. It’s a unique salad combination, and the banana adds an interesting tropical quality.

4. The Lambchon Asia de Cuba Bahrain The Lambchon, which is traditionally made with pork for a Cuban holiday feast, but we’ve adapted for the local market by using lamb instead. It’s served with maduros, yuca, black beans, mojo chino and steamed coconut rice.

5. Guava Cheesecake Napoleon Asia de Cuba Bahrain Our guava “cheesecake” napoleon is based on a French mille-feuille—and it is absolutely delicious!

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