Rasoi by Vineet's Street Food Festival

Rasoi by Vineet at the Gulf Hotel Bahrain is kicking off their Street Food Festival, a celebration of both modern and classical Indian street food, all served with Rasoi's contemporary twist. The selection consists of some head-turning dishes, and you might come across the likes of chilli scallop-prawns brochette, spring onion crab khichdi, rump of lamb, and chocomosa or a samosa that's filled with marbled and dark chocolate and chai ice cream. The festival will be running till the 10th October 2016 and will be available during lunch and dinner, so get busy and make a booking!

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Rasoi by Vineet Rosemary tikka, chilli and black olive khichdi
This inventive dish, an innovative re-invention of the classic tikka recipe, is served with an embedded pipette full of spicy chilli mix, allowing you to control exactly how much of a spice dimension you want to add to your chicken tikka. The culinary experience is made even more interesting by the novel addition of rosemary, a herb not usually used in Indian cooking, and a black olive khichdi.

Rasoi by Vineet Turkey pine nut potli with beetroot mayonnaise
This snack is as vibrant in flavor as it is in color! The inside of the potli parcel is stuffed with a deliciously spiced turkey mix, and is accompanied by a streak of beetroot mayonnaise. The overall effect is a pleasing combination of zingy texture and aromatic flavor, and the plating is food art at its finest.

Rasoi by Vineet Crusted lamb rack, with spinach-potatoes and tomato sauce
Vineet Bhatia adds an contemporary Indian dimension to this rack of lamb with a spiced crust and pairing it with stir-fried spinach and moilee-tomato sauce. While the preparation can take some time, the cooking is deceptively quick and many a diner have been pleasantly surprised at the speed at which this complicated dish arrives at their table. The lamb is marinated in lemon juice, ginger, red chilli, garam masala and garlic for 3 hours before cooking, so expect a rich and spice-heavy feast!

Rasoi by Vineet Sweet fennel lollipop
One of the funnest aspects of any meal at Rasoi by Vineet is the innovative design and spectacular presentation of the desserts. These sugar coated fennel seeds, found in the most simple of Indian restaurants as a palate cleanser, combines cooking, culture and flavor in this dessert. Combined with almond favored lollipops as a base, they make for a vibrant and tasty end to a meal at Rasoi by Vineet.

Rasoi by Vineet Coffee and walnut semolina squares
This sweet snack works on an almost international dessert combination of coffee and walnuts and gives it a great Indian twist. Semolina, a typical North-Indian sweet base, is made with ghee and flavored with coffee, and the square is then garnished with a bean and some gold leaf petal for a great visual effect.

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