The Best of Ramadan Tents in Bahrain for 2017

During the month of Ramadan, there is only one thing on our minds come sunset - which of Bahrain’s many tents are we headed to for Iftar?

So you can focus on spending time with friends and family rather than scouring the internet for options, we’ve rounded up a list of our favorite Ramadan tents in Bahrain for 2017.

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1. The Four Seasons Ramadan Tent The Four Season Bahrain Ramadan The yearly Four Seasons Ramadan Tent, arguably one of the most iconic in the region, is back. The Arabesque-chic inspired Ramadan tent will be located at the Al Bahrain Ballroom, where friends and families can gather for memorable Iftars and Ghabga outings. The tent features a lavish Iftar buffet with an extensive hot and cold mezze section, a sushi station, and a salad bar among many other stations and cuisines.

The Ramadan buffet will take place daily from Sunrise until 8:00 pm and will cost BD 26 per person inclusive of soft beverages and Arabic coffee.

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2. The Gulf Hotel's Khaimat Al Khaleej Gulf Hotel Bahrain Ramadan Yet again, The Gulf Hotel is showing us why they're renowned as a gem to the island's fine-dining scene this Ramadan. This year, The Gulf Hotel Bahrain will feature Khaimat Al Khaleej to a newer and larger Ramadan tent which will be hosting both Iftar and Ghabga.

Offerings include a selection of refreshing juices, as well as hot and cold Mezze with an enticing selection of salads, home-baked breads, shawarma and falafel. Add to this a wide variety of traditional Arabic dishes including Arabic Quozi, Thareed, Harees and a delectable array of Arabic desserts such as Um Ali, Kunafa and Mahalabiya.

The Iftar Buffet is priced at BD 19++ per person and will be from sunset to 8:00pm. If you wish to enjoy a late evening get-together with friends and family, the tent will be open from 10 pm onwards for Ghabga. Prices are BD 17++ on weekdays and BD 19++ on weekends.

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3. Ritz Carlton's Al Khayma Ramadan Tent The Ritz Carlton Bahrain Ramadan Back and better than ever is the annual Al Khayma Ramadan tent at the Ritz Carlton. This year dining at Al Khayma will send your taste buds on a culinary journey led by the new Executive Chef Christian Knerr. The entire experience is highlighted by an enchanting Turkish menu by two visiting chefs from The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul. One of the tent’s most striking features this year is its dedicated room of delectable chocolates. A room full of handmade statues and canvas, delightful desserts, chocolate walls and plenty of edible artworks as well as cocoa bean concoctions, themed around the storytelling of the legendary tree of life of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Al Khayma will be open daily for Iftar from Sunset to 8:00pm and will be priced at 27BD++ per person. Ghabga will also take place at the tent and will start at 9:00pm and run until 2:00am priced at 29BD++ per person.

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4. The Sofitel's Layali Al Zallaq Ramadan Tent Sofitel Bahrain Ramadan

As one of the largest Ramadan tents on the island, the Sofitel will be continuing their yearly tradition of combining Saraya restaurant and Layali Al Zallaq into a starry nighttime oasis, this time by the sea. Synonymous with the Ramadan tent is their night sky ceiling, a subtle effect that transforms the tent into a dreamy experience.

The culinary team will be preparing a series of gourmet Iftar and Ghabga buffets throughout the whole month featuring recipes from the past to the present, including some famous Ramadan dishes with a modern twist.

The Sofitel Bahrain's Tent's Iftar and Ghabga prices are starting at BD19++ and will take place daily starting at sunset.

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5. Sheraton's Awali Ballroom Awali Ballroom Ramadan Bahrain Known for its complete Ramadan experience, Awali Ballroom boasts traditional Arabic décor in a neutral color palette, creating a distinct and sophisticated ambiance. The daily Iftar includes traditional Arabic dishes, international menu options, a traditional Arabic juice corner, and a vast variety of cold mezzah and starters.

The Iftar takes place daily from sunset to 8:30pm and will cost BD16.00 from Sunday to Wednesday and BD 17.00 from Thursday to Saturday.

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6. Downtown Rotana's Al Maha Tent Downtown Rotana Bahrain Ramadan One of Bahrain's finest business hotels, the Downtown Rotana, is serving up up a lavish international buffet for both Iftar and Ghabga, inclusive of typical Ramadan beverages and desserts. The Al Maha Tent has been done up in a traditional Ramadan style and comes with some great entertainment and an outdoor ballroom terrace.

The Downtown Rotana Al Maha tent is offering Iftar and Ghabga priced at BD13++ per person, and a 15% early bird discount if you book during the first week of Ramadan for a table of 4.

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