Trending Terraces and Rooftops in Bahrain!

Now that the weather is getting better it's time to take advantage of Bahrain's great winter season! We love a great rooftop or terrace, and we're sure you do too, so here's our list of the best restaurants on the island that offer fantastic food, a buzzing atmosphere and top notch outdoor seating to take your dining experience to new heights.

Monsoon Bahrain Monsoon
The outdoor area at the back of Monsoon is one of the more idilic spots to enjoy a delicious Asian meal at. The Balinese architecture that begins indoors continues out onto the terrace area, and is complimented by an ornate pond and a couple pagodas add to the sense of atmosphere. While the restaurant fills up inside and the noise increases, outside remains a little oasis of tranquility. The food is all about fresh, zingy flavours combining with fragrant textures and tastes. There's a bit of everything Asian on the menu, from sushi to Vietnamese pho, so get ready to indulge.

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Cafe Amsterdam Bahrain Cafe Amsterdam
Sharing a garden with its sister restaurant, La Vinoteca Barcelona, this is the number one spot for fantastic atmosphere and a buzzing vibe on Friday and Saturdays. It fills up fast on the weekend thanks to their delicious brunch, and it's been one of the trending spots for Bahrain's fine-diners since it opened a couple years ago. The menu is quite special, featuring a combination of Dutch and British dishes all done to a very high standard, which has been redone recently to also include some Peruvian delights, making for a unique selection. Their new menu demonstrates an exceptionally high standard of fine-dining, featuring of dishes that are pretty hard to get right consistently, but they do it every time!

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Meat Co. Bahrain Meat Co.
One of Bahrain's old favorites, The Meat Co. may just be the island's original fine-dining rooftop! Equipped with a multiple levels, several private nooks and some great large party seating options, you really can't go wrong with this place. You can eat upstairs or check out the rest of the venue before transitioning to the rooftop. Before you head up, enjoy the restaurant's three floors that are tastefully decorated in smokey glass, hard woods and dark rock. The menu is packed full of tasty meat cuts flown in from all over the world, including South Africa, Australia and the USA. The mostly South African staff are very friendly and helpful, and have a wealth of knowledge where everything meat related is concerned.

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La Fontaine Bahrain La Fontaine
This restaurant's terrace is potentially the most romantic spot on the whole island, as well as one of the most picturesque! Hidden away in one of the older parts of the Manama souk, La Fontaine is a beautifully restored 150 year-old historic building that melds antique Bahraini architecture and French design. It boasts one of the only wind tower structures in Bahrain, and combines that with a complete chateaux with inner courtyard, airy passageways and a burst of bougainvillea and palm fronds to give the whole setting a rustic touch. Fantastic contemporary European cuisine is served by candlelight, while the modern art and traditional architecture really makes this place a not-so-little oasis of tranquility in the hustle and bustle of Bahrain. This is definitely the place to blow your date's socks off, with regular live piano performances and cultural events to add a bit of flair along with a gastronomic dinner!

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Nicole's Mediterranean Restaurant and Lounge is a relative newcomer to the island's fine-dining scene, founded in 2014 by husband and wife team Fadi and Denise Kfoury. Tucked away in the back of Adliya, it makes part of a new generation of restaurants that are augmenting 338's already impressive selection of eateries. Their rooftop has great views of the surrounding area and hosts regular events; add it into your weekend mix to try out something different! The menu has a taste of all corners of the Mediterranean, allowing you to dip and dabble across Italian, French, Greek, Lebanese and Spanish cuisines. Whether you feel like some Italian coast vibes, chic French Riviera, Lebanese mountains or Santorini-style, you can most probably get a taste of it here.

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The Orangery
Potentially one of Bahrain's most exciting eateries when the good weather rolls in, The Orangery at the Palace Boutique Hotel combines fantastic patisserie, tea services, cakes and a savory menu with one of the nicest gardens around! The interior is done in classy floral print with pastel walls and a colonial flair, while the huge English-style garden and conservatory adds some greenery. An ever-changing menu based on seasonal availability means that breakfast, lunch and dinner are all well covered. The food is Chef Susy Massetti's own interpretation of British classics and elegant twists on Middle Eastern dishes. The patisserie display is always stocked with a freshly made selection of sweet and savoury European treats, while the bakery offers delicious artisan breads.

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Meisei Bahrain Meisei
Renowned Michael Sang-Kyu Lee's Meisei offers modern trans-Asian cuisine with a menu that is centralised on Japanese tastes but also flirts with elements of Korean and Chinese, making for some great fusion dishes. You can enjoy the food, as well as some of the best drinks in Bahrain, on their rooftop terrace that has views of the surrounding 338 area. All about the philosophy of wabi-sabi, a concept that is rooted in the appreciation of the beauty and fragility of transience, both the decor and the food have a decidedly modern Asian touch. This place combines some pretty chilled out vibes with unique foodie experiences; the open kitchen, sushi counter and robata grill make for some great eye candy while your tastebuds revel in the delicious food.

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Lanterns Bahrain Lanterns
While we're definitely a fan of the latest batch of restaurants in Bahrain, we also have a serious attachment to the island's long timers. Lanterns has been around for some time, and several years ago they opened a new branch in Adliya. In typical Lanterns style, the decor is done in vibrant colours and features an abundance of Indian pop culture artefacts and a scattering of kiosks. The outdoor area has a great seating arrangement with some great little nooks to tuck yourself away in with friends, and also some larger party options. The garden area is bright and airy, and far away from the road to maintain a serene atmosphere. It's definitely a favorite with the weekend crowd, and dinner can easily transition to a more festive atmosphere!

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